Ability to accept gifts.

Did you know that taking something as a gift from others, we make them happy? About how important it is for us and for others, says Rami Blekt - renowned expert on Eastern psychology, Vedic astrologer, is the author of several popular science articles and books. Spent 5 years in Indian temple monk, studying Ayurveda and Vedic astrology and traveling across India. Regularly conducts courses, seminars and workshops on Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda in Israel, Russia, USA, Canada and other countries.

Accepting gifts, we make people happy

Several years ago I flew to Kazakhstan to conduct seminars. I was met in the best traditions of hospitality - all the best guest. I felt very comfortable and did not give up trying, wherever possible. What do I need a good psychologist said, "You're talking about the importance of love, the ability to give, but if you can not receive and did not receive love, then you can not give. You will simply have nothing to give ยป.

These words made me think and rethink their attitudes and actions. Later, I many times I've seen how it works: people do not know how to take can not be harmonious, that the relationship built on the impact of only one person, successful and happy you will not name.

I was recently introduced to a man who in his 40 years, was married for the third time. All the women left him and this despite the fact that he was on all sides perfect husband - a well-earned, did everything around the house he did not allow his wife to do almost anything, brought the morning coffee in bed. But for some reason women love passes quickly, and their hearts closed.

The fact is that the heart opened at the time of impact at the moment of sacrifice. And if we do not allow someone to sacrifice, to give us something, their heart toward us close. They often even unconsciously start to hate us, are not respected, and externally a parasite and make a complaint. You doubt?

Remember, please, families where parents lived for the children, all making for them, without demanding anything in return, and on the other side of the family where children have household responsibilities and they had to do something for the family, to help parents. This is particularly manifest in large families.

What do you think, in which group the children grow up, the parents sit in a nursing home or a negative attitude towards them, and show some respect and care?

The same applies to the relationship between a man and a woman.

Modern psychologists, too, noticed that if the person you anything donated, presented, his attitude towards you is dramatically improved. This active use of various charitable organizations, which many times turn to those who donated to them at least once, because they know that it is much easier to get to a poor man who has at least something to give than to the wealthy, but that nothing ever they did not give.

This technique is used by the authors of various techniques such as: "How to become poor." For they have noticed that men often go from Cinderella to the poor, who can "" unleash a man in full. " Of course this is the other extreme. And after a while there is a rollback. Because when a person simply use parasitize on it, then it also closes the heart against the parasite.

In these cases, there is no exchange of energy.

This also applies to different kinds of service - what would you want, your work, consultations, private lessons, some repair, is not valued, not respected and not be grateful? - Simple - start to do everything for free, or at a ridiculous price, do not let people to somehow repay you.

Think: "What for?" The mother loves the newly born child? It is very beautiful? He does not sleep, cries out his need to constantly wash. Or often hear: "Well, he (she) in it (him) found (find)? It is no match for him, this is not conspicuous, not just the educated child, spouse, colleague. "Allow" selflessly to care for themselves and take the service than contribute to the fact that I give my heart opens, with all the ensuing consequences on here: the partner appears the taste for life, pass the disease has the energy.

Taking something that we make people happy.

The different traditions have the parables and simple assertion that taking a life, the gifts of life, we make the Supreme happy and vice versa, if we do not accept, consider ourselves unworthy of this very "upset" him.

The example is - one man came to visit a friend and saw a richly laid table, eagerly began to eat quickly, forgetting everything. But after a while it is a sense of shame, and it pushes the plate and completely stops eating. But he notes that it is also not happy with each other. Who have invested so much energy in the preparation and organization of the dinner. Then he begins to eat slowly and deliberately, trying every dish and sincere thanks. And that, he brings a lot of joy accepted. This analogy is transferred to the Almighty, who created this world with many gifts for us and glad to see that as we accept these gifts and live happily ever after. If we refuse to accept, it "grieves" the Creator.

We all need the object "of taking" our care and love. So the world that the soul can be happy only by loving and serving someone. Even many obvious selfish dictators animals give birth to at least someone to serve.

Therefore, if we do not allow people to do something good for us, we believe that we are not worthy, we are violating one of the laws of the universe. And for this to be something that we have to spoil relations with these people, people have the aggression to us, Gd sends us less gifts.

The universe does not give us what we do not appreciate the fact that we do not want to take, we believe that we are not worthy given by.

What is paradise?

I remember how surprised I was describing the universe, enlightened ancient Indian sages. They argue that there are higher and lower worlds. Paradise and hell. Consisting in turn of a number of different levels.

In total 14 levels. Earth - the seventh, the average level. So at every higher level - happiness is a hundred times more than the previous year. But to get to this level you need to be a hundred times more selfless ...

And it's like the next life - if you want to be born in the higher planets in the next life - become more selfless, and now - the more selfless person in this life, at the moment, the more he is happy.

By and large, there are three levels of awareness of happiness:

1. I am happy when all around happy. This level of consciousness in the higher, heavenly planets, the angels and not selfish, harmonious people.

2. I am happy when I feel good and I am, in general, do not care what other people feel. This level of average planets. Pronounced in modern Western civilization.

3. I am happy when the other bad. This level of hellish planets. On the ground, there have envious, greedy, very selfish creatures.

Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within us. And we can create heaven or hell itself, wherever we are. The greedy and envious person in whatever Palace did not live happy and healthy is not, it will create a hell, where he was not, for myself and for others.

On the other side of Mother Teresa, St. Francis, Swami Sivananda, the six Gosvamis and other holy always shone with happiness and not just themselves were healthy, and heal all just by his presence.

They turned these ideas on mutual exchange of energy, they are just totally donated and entrusted his life to God. And this is not even paradise. ... This is the kingdom of God ...


One person asked God to show him heaven and hell. At first he was in a great hall, where the middle stood a huge table with many dishes, for which people were related, straight arms, and they were not able to put food in his mouth, because they could not bend your elbows. They constantly swore and push each other away from the table. But even when they were taking food, they could not drink it or eat. And it angered them further. Around lay the food and the atmosphere was saturated with hatred.

Then he was in another room with the same table. But around the table were quiet, quiet people who fed each other with their hands, while saying kind words to each other. Those who fed them with love and gratitude, took the offerings. Although his hands were connected in the same way. All were well-fed and contented. The atmosphere was saturated with love and kindness.

Where was Paradise, and where the hell am sure you have guessed.

The head of Rami Blekt book "Secrets of the monk-astrologer to officer's uniform or reasonable Ten Steps to Happiness."


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