This natural remedy will help to overcome cellulite

To obtain a noticeable result, rosemary alcohol should be used regularly. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to physical exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Cellulite also known as orange peel is a problem of an aesthetic nature, which affects primarily women. Men have cellulite less often.

Cellulite represents such a change in the structure of the skin, when soft tissues become inflamed as the result of circulatory disorders or malfunction of the lymphatic system of the body. Because of this, the tissues formed small nodules and seals.

As a rule, they are formed due to the accumulation of fat in the deeper layers of the skin. Also the reason for their appearance may be a delay of a liquid.

The exact causes of cellulite are still unknown, but it is believed that its appearance depends on the lifestyle and hormonal changes. Regardless of this, most people suffering from this problem are in constant search of its solution. Of course, cellulite has a negative impact on our appearance.

In our days there are many cosmetic products and recommendations on the treatment of cellulite. All ones are aimed at one result — to gain a smooth and beautiful skin. While there are also many natural remedies that help to cope with cellulite, without requiring from us a large expense.

Today we'll talk about rosemary alcohol, the use of which in recent time is gaining popularity. This tool allows you to significantly improve the condition of our skin. Thanks to him, the cellulite less evident.

Rosemary alcohol is a product for external use. As you know, rosemary has many medicinal properties. Application of rosemary alcohol allows to use them in the best way. In this case, the minerals are easier absorbed into the skin.

Rosemary is widely known for its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to soothe inflammation in the muscles, normalize blood circulation, prevent fluid retention. Also rosemary alcohol use for a relaxing massage.

This is the perfect natural tonic that helps to keep the skin firm and elastic.

Given all this, rosemary alcohol can be considered our faithful ally in the struggle with orange rind. We assure you that it will take quite some time, and you will notice the first improvements.

It should be noted that to achieve a good result rosemary alcohol need to use regularly, not forgetting, at the same time, about a healthy lifestyle that includes proper and balanced diet and exercise.

How to cook rosemary home alcohol

Although it is a natural remedy sold in pharmacies and natural food shops, it is also possible to prepare at home. Make it pretty easy, the most important thing is to make sure that the used products 100 percent natural.

  • 1 bunch sprigs fresh rosemary, with leaves and flowers
  • 150 ml. of alcohol (96 degrees)
  • Capacity of glass
How to cook:1. Put whole or slightly crumbled sprigs of rosemary in a glass bowl.

2. Pour in a container of ethyl alcohol 96 degrees, used to disinfect wounds. The alcohol should completely cover the rosemary.

3. Well close the container and put it in a dark and dry place. Rosemary needs to steep at least 15 days.

4. When the specified time has elapsed, strain the infusion with a sieve or clean cheesecloth. Rosemary alcohol is prepared.

How to use it:
  • First and foremost it should be noted that before applying rosemary alcohol is recommended to clean the skin by peeling. In this case, your skin will better absorb its active ingredients.
  • After applying the peel on legs and other problem areas, treat these areas using cotton wool or cotton pad, soaked in rosemary alcohol.
  • Massage problem areas should be ascending from the knee to the hips and buttocks. Apply alcohol carefully without leaving a raw skin area. It is well absorbed.
  • Special attention is recommended to pay back part of your hips — this is an area under the buttocks is most commonly appears cellulitis.
  • After applying rosemary alcohol, wait 10 minutes and then rinse feet with cold water. Then apply a toning cream.
It is very important that rosemary alcohol is rubbed into the skin. When we do this right, we will activate blood circulation in problem areas and stimulate the excretion of fluids.

You need to use rosemary alcohol daily, applying it in circular massaging movements, paying special attention to problem areas where cellulite is most evident.

The combination of this treatment with proper diet and exercise for legs and buttocks after a while will bring a noticeable result.published



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