Wild raspberries rosemary — a versatile natural remedy for skin care

On hot summer days the salvation of the facial skin can become oily and combination rosemary oil — distilled from the freshly picked rosemary branches with foliage, known means of healing with a rich history.

Wild raspberries rosemary – great antioxidant that protects the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals.

Rosemary water — a surprisingly versatile tool! It is useful for owners of oily, problematic and sensitive skin, suitable for young skin and signs of aging. Water the rosemary well-balances, cleans and pustular acne, eliminates sagging, deep tones, refreshes and brightens the skin.

The healing properties of fragrant rosemary is known from ancient times!

There is a Greek legend in which the goddess Aphrodite was born of foam she came out of the sea and the drops of water falling to the ground, turned into a blue flowers of rosemary.

Rosemary was considered a love potion, and girls marry in wreaths of rosemary. It was believed that rosemary improves memory and sleep, in the middle Ages rosemary was part of the protective means against the plague.

I wonder what rosemary water became the first perfume of the middle Ages! Court perfumer has done for the Hungarian Queen Elizabeth Polish the infusion of rosemary in strong brandy, which is known now as "Water of the Hungarian Queen". It was used as perfume, taken inside to treat diseases, rubbed rosemary tincture sore joints and applied to the skin to preserve youth.

Yes, the property of rosemary rejuvenate the skin and slow down the aging process — it's true!

What are the magical properties of rosemary water is right for you?

We offer to appreciate the unique versatility of this tool!

1. Caring for aging, tired, sun damaged skin.

Rosemary contains phenolic diterpene, carnosol and karmazinova acid — valuable substances, which have the strongest antioxidant action: inhibit fat oxidation and destruction of proteins characteristic of aging. These components create an "antioxidant cascade" in the skin, turning into a free radical scavengers. Thus, using rosemary water our skin gets protection from damage, reduce the effects of oxidative stress and is one of the main causes of skin aging!

2. Treatment for oily and problem skin.

In the leaves of rosemary discovered organic acids, alkaloids, flavonoids, which can reduce the intensity of inflammation and protect the skin from germs. Rosemary water cleanses the skin, it mattifies and normalises the secretion of sebum.

3. Bleaching of pigment spots.

Organic acids (rosmarinic, coffee, betulinic, ursolic), which are part of the rosemary water, can destroy the pigment melanin — thus providing a brightening effect.

4. Hair care and scalp.

Water rosemary has a slightly acidic pH, which makes it an excellent product for toning of the scalp, it strengthens hair, stimulates their growth, gives vitality and Shine. Rosemary skin helps to eliminate dandruff and soothes irritated scalp.

5. Cellulite remedy.

Oily and combination of rosemary gently stimulates circulation and improves microcirculation of liquids, allowing it to be used for the prevention of cellulite.

Here is the active universal agent — water rosemary.

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  Rosemary is not recommended for pregnant women, hypertension patients and people prone to seizures.
Baths with rosemary should not be taken before sleeping, as they are toning the entire body and can cause insomnia.published

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