Cup massage against cellulite.

Recently, widely used anti-cellulite massage cupping, as worldwide recognized as the most effective means of combating it. This massage not only speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, but also stimulates the breakdown of fat cells. Under the influence of the vacuum cellulite formation are softened, which facilitates the circulation of lymph and blood in problem areas. With the blood and lymph from the body taken out harmful substances and toxins that tend to accumulate in fat cells.

Regular can massage restores skin elasticity, tone muscles, reduce subcutaneous fat deposits, thus contributing to the desired contouring of the body, so it is advisable to use a cupping massage slimming. Cup massage against cellulite is good to alternate with a manual brush massage. To enhance the effect when it is running is not recommended to lubricate the skin oil, and anti-cellulite cream or other special cosmetics. As such funds are used complexes oils with anti-cellulite effect, which can both be purchased at the pharmacy, and cook yourself. The basis of each of them are always 50 ml of linseed oil or olive oil, and anti-cellulite effect provided by different additives:
1) 5 ml of essential oils of grapefruit, orange and anise;
2) 2 ml of oil red pepper and 5 ml of tea tree essential oil;
3) 5 ml of essential oils of fennel, lemon and tangerine;
4) in 3 ml of essential oils of lemon, cypress, juniper, tea tree and dill;
5) 5 ml of oil vetiver and 3 ml of essential oils of mandarin, cypress and lemon.

Hypertensive patients, and people with inflammatory diseases of the skin, varicose veins, and blood diseases, anti-cellulite massage cupping is contraindicated.

How to do cupping massage

To conduct can massage requires a special plastic vacuum bank, although you can use traditional glass, the vacuum which is created by the introduction of short-term burning cotton swab. The elastic silicone Bank applied to the skin tightly compressed and rarefied air beneath it is formed by straightening it. Low blood pressure under the Bank contribute to a strong rush of blood up to the appearance of local hemorrhage. Such congestion is ten times accelerates the recovery processes in the tissues and strengthens the immune system.

When you massage the skin stuck to the bank smooth circular or zigzag motion is moved in the direction of the flow of lymph. For a better sliding and reliable banks hold vacuum body before performing canned massage is recommended to lightly grease warm maslom.Osnovnye rules canned perform self-massage:

 - To do self-massage cupping is necessary after a shower or exercise when the muscles and the body in hot condition;

 - Before the massage oil lubricate the skin, and then a good wipe your hands to the bank to slide easily over the skin, but does not slip out of the hands;

 - During a massage the skin should be drawn into the bank no more than 1, 5 cm, otherwise you will not be able to smoothly move the bank, and excessive negative pressure air under the jar will cause significant bleeding;

 - Banks need to move in a circular motion clockwise continuously and smoothly is always in the direction of the venous outflow;

 - If for any reason the bank had violated leaks, install it again and continue the procedure;

 - Because the area affected with cellulite, do not tolerate strong compression, not suffer pain when can massage and reduce the vacuum under the jar by running back a little air;

 - The duration of the first procedure of self-massage is 5 minutes for each subject area; lengthen each subsequent procedure for 2 - 3 minutes until you reach a maximum of 15 minutes;

 - Cupping massage cellulite is no more than an interval of 2 days; full course is usually 10 - 12 procedures;

 - Good effect is provided by alternating cans and brush massage;

 - Not to violate the right for lymph never do cupping massage
inner thighs, groin and popliteal cavity.

(!!!!!!) Contraindication to perform vacuum massage can be: poor blood clotting, tuberculosis, varicose veins in the areas of massaging,
thrombophlebitis, implanted pacemaker, malignant and benign neoplastic processes, inflammatory skin diseases, thrombosis, large birthmarks zone massaging.

Cup massage abdomen

Cup massage helps burn abdominal fat layer in this part of the body. Many people are even quite like this method of weight loss, but for the complete elimination of body fat at the same time it is necessary to use other methods. Cup massage effect on the stomach as well as in other parts of the body, improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow, making skin beautiful and smooth. Technique can massage the abdomen and is no different from the conventional.
The duration of one treatment is about 13-16 minutes. After the massage, well-wrapped in a warm blanket and drink hot tea with lemon.

When planning the implementation of a series of independent procedures can massage the abdomen, carefully review its methodology and best to contact the salon to consult with a specialist. There you can buy and the necessary massage oils and gels anesthetics.

Despite the high efficiency, can massage the abdomen - is a very serious and unsafe procedure, it is not recommended to do it on their own, and some doctors believe it is unacceptable in principle.


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