The causes of cellulite

Cellulite does not cause physical discomfort, but makes you have serious complexes. Orange peel on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks deprive of confidence. What you receive cellulite? We will name the main cause of the problem.

What is cellulite?

Do not think that cellulite is one of the manifestations of obesity. Curvy woman in some cases can boast the complete absence of "orange peel", while the thighs, stomach and buttocks skinny girls sometimes "decorated" with cellulite bumps.

Cellulite is characterized by structural changes of the subcutaneous fat layer that impedes blood circulation and can impair lymphatic flow. Congestion lead to a dystrophy of adipose tissue. The pores of the cells are sealed because of what all that had to be removed remains inside. The modified cells are grouped, which leads to the formation in the connective tissue firm to the touch convex "Islands". Against the background of stagnation of blood and lymph there is a change in the color of an area of the body (the skin becomes bluish tint), there is a calcination of fat cells (accumulation of calcium in them). Cellulite Islands tend to attract fluid from the surrounding tissue that can cause puffiness problem areas.

The causes of cellulite

What causes cellulite? The development of this problem is facilitated by:
• Heredity
• Hormonal changes (e.g. during pregnancy or menopause)
• Hormonal means
• Violation of exchange processes
• Unfavorable environment
• Unbalanced diets with a predominance of fatty foods
• Susceptibility to stress
• Alcohol abuse
• Smoking
• Sedentary lifestyle
• The aging process
• Disruption of pancreatic
• Thyroid disease
• Violation of blood circulation
• Overweight
• Slagging of the body
• Pathology of the liver and kidneys
• Chronic constipation
• Dystonia

Interesting fact – during the winter period significantly increases the chances to get cellulite bumps. To explain this "injustice" is easy. The fact that a cool period of time we prefer hot tubs and on time, forget about the benefits of a contrast shower. As a result of weakened tone and elasticity of the skin, the bumps of fat easily are pushed to the surface. Other risk factors – heaters dry the air, and the temperature difference (it is negatively displayed on the skin). Oddly enough, but control top pantyhose may also eventually lead to the appearance of cellulite. They prevent the normal flow of lymph and blood, which causes congestion. On top of that in winter we have less attention to body care – peak use of anti-cellulite compositions and moisturizers comes in the spring. But such "holidays" provides a completely natural result.

The main causes of cellulite congestion, slagging of the body and hormonal changes. These "3 pillars" are the main enemies of feminine beauty. According to many women, to prevent the occurrence of cellulite bumps easier, than then to try to deal with them. As practice shows, none of the popular or professional media all "orange peel" is not clear. Hard work allows you to smooth out the bumps to make them less noticeable. The best means of dealing with the problem are massage treatments, diet, body wraps, sports load.



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