Holosas slimming

Today, it is assumed that the successful burning of adipose tissue contributes to pre-cleanse. It is on this principle and is used Holosas for weight loss. What is this drug, how to take it, if it has a strict contraindications?

What is the Help?

I and its analogues: Holos and Holemans, based on the extract of rose hips. Help comes in the form of syrup (1 ml of syrup contains 0.4 ml of concentrated aqueous extract of rosehip and sugar). The syrup contains a number of useful elements. We can distinguish the flavonoids, pectin, essential oil, provitamin a, vitamin e, C, E, B1, B2, C, citric and malic acid, lecithin, and dextrin.

Always provides a pronounced choleretic effect. It is prescribed to cleanse the liver and gallbladder, and also to normalize the metabolism and improve the body's defenses. Also, the syrup helps to prevent the deficiency of vitamins C and R. I Take 2-3 times a day, on an empty stomach (approximately 30 minutes before a meal) 1 tsp.

To enhance the effect of rosehip extract by adding other active components. Can combine with granulated Seine and raisins. The proportion of cooking tools:
• Boiling water – 1 liter
• Hay – 1 pack
• White raisins – 1 pack
• Always – 1 bottle

First brew with boiling water, the granules of the Seine, then add the raisins and allow to infuse. After that, strain it and mix with syrup (ready-made tool store in the refrigerator). Take a laxative and cleansing the body drink 100 ml 2 hours before bedtime. After all the vehicle is drunk, a course of purification is completed. Repeat it after 6 months. The drink cleanses the intestines and liver, normalizes digestion, supports the work of the pancreas.


I do not recommend:
— with hypersensitivity to the components of the tool;
— diabetes (due to the presence of sugar);
— when calculous cholecystitis;
— if obstruction of the biliary tract.

During pregnancy and lactation syrup to take with caution and under medical supervision. I can trigger a number of side effects, such as:
• Bloating
• Itching and redness of the skin
• Heartburn

If you have problems with the intestines, the syrup is combined with dill water or with infusion of fruit cumin or coriander. You cannot use combining syrup and laxative components (Seine and raisins).

The benefits and harms

Holosas used for weight loss, but does this make sense? This drug does not provide a direct fat burning actions. It accelerates the metabolism and stimulates the production of bile pigments that help to cleanse the body from carbohydrates and excess fats. If you add the syrup the Seine and raisins, it's rather aggressive means of contributing to the development of diarrhea. The fats arriving with food, will actually leave the body without stopping, but it will be dehydration, as well as the development of deficiency of vitamins and minerals. This "weight loss" will take place on the background of acute cramping abdominal pain. Sweet drink provides a shock dose of carbohydrates that while dieting is unacceptable. Long-term use of funds may result in the development of inflammatory processes in the intestine.


Holosas slimming make no sense, but according to the reviews, the syrup (without the addition of the Seine and raisins) may precede diet. Help to cleanse the body, normalize the functioning of internal organs, heal chronic ailments, strengthen the immune system and due to this the subsequent diet will provide the best results. With regard to laxative-based tools of Can, the reviews about it are not the best – abdominal pain and diarrhea not contribute to positive emotions, and the lost weight usually returns.

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