How to look like a ball

At the last world Cup in South Africa, the official ball of the tournament was the product of the world famous company Adidas called Jabulani. Despite the impressive advertisements and an attractive, exotic appearance, the direct participants of the championship – the players, the ball is rejected. The main claim is the unpredictable behavior of the ball in the air after impact. As it turned out, the reason for this was almost perfectly smooth line firmware tires.
For the upcoming main global football tournament, Adidas developed a new model of the ball, the name of which is consonant with the venue of the 2014 world Cup- the Brazuca. Its the creators of the most taken into account the comments of the giants of world football. In testing the Brazuca, which lasted 3 years, involved 600 players. In comparison with the predecessor the novelty has only 6 panels, which is 2 less than the Jabulani and the seams are three times deeper, which provides more ball speed after impact and better handling.

The creators of the Brazuca had to work hard to improve its aerodynamics during flight, to calculate the interaction with the surface of the field at the time of separation of the ball to determine how it will affect the flying ball headwind or side wind. As a result, were able to ensure that the counter air flow somewhat nearer to the ball. In such a narrow corridor it flies more accurately and predictably.



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