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Probably all aware of what is now in full swing is the World Cup. This is the most prestigious tournament for national teams. World Cup, we can see only once in 4 years and it looks forward to anyone who cares about football. But today I will talk about the technologies that are used in the current championship in Brazil. I'll talk about system automatically determine the goals and disappearing liquid
Perhaps we should start with the fact that FIFA (the main football organization), or rather its leadership, very conservative people. In the world of technology boom. Tennis, hockey and other sports using the latest developments in the definition of breach of the rules, systems, taking points of video repeats, which in turn allow judges to make fair decisions. But management believes the main football organization - football is not the place for technology.
I do not know, I think this view is perhaps imposed by the major players in the market bookmakers, who in turn can work closely with the judges. But I believe that all of this is a myth.

The most obvious reasons for the words of guidance:
FIFA president Sepp Blatter:
«technological innovation will lead to a long stop and ultimately have a negative impact on the entertaining match.» I>
UEFA President Michel Platini:
«Cudeyskie errors are an integral part of football and not do without them. Moreover, new technologies certainly kill "humanity" of football, which attracts fans to him ». I>

Therefore, for the football world was shocked that some time ago FIFA announced the launch of a goal at the World Cup 2014. According to them, the reason was the huge number of incidents in which the arbitrators shall not count very much clear balls. For example, at the last World Cup in 2010, when the team played England and Germany, where the ball crossed the gates of Germany almost a meter. At the European Championships in 2012, all of the same England playing with Ukraine missed net goal that the referee did not count. Well, about the club championships and tournaments we generally keep silent.

(The moment when England scored, and the ball flies back. 2010 World Cup.) I>

The world has been tasked to make a system that meets the following criteria:

The system must be absolutely accurate, The system must inform the referee of the capture of the gate for a second, The system should work in all weather conditions and in any light (as daylight and artificial).
Hawk-Eye h5> The system Hawk-Eye (which can be translated as "Hawkeye") is already used in competitions in tennis and cricket, is set in six different locations of cameras from which images are combined in one image, determining the exact location of hitting the ball, after which the judge receives a signal of scoring.

GoalRef h5> System GoalRef less known in the world of sports technology, since 2009, is used to define a goal in handball. In the area of ​​the gate creates a magnetic field, and the ball set inside a microchip. Any change in the magnetic field over the goal line gives automatic signal to the referee of the match and is a goal.

GoalControl-4D h5> System GoalControl-4D was developed by the German company. Is the first Goal-line technology, applied to the FIFA World Cup. The system is based on the use of high speed cameras without the use of chips in balls and similar devices. Consists of 14 cameras, all the while aiming at the ball, which transmit information to a computer, and he, after its processing, sends a signal about crossing the ball to the goal line and watch the chief judge of the match. The system is installed in all the stadiums and the 2014 World Cup for the first time influenced the judge's decision in the controversial episode with the second goal of the match France-Honduras.

Video how it works GoalControl-4D:

The technology of liquid disappears. B> h4>

This is the first match of the World Cup 2014. Please note, as the players do not understand what is happening)) i>

This championship has taken yet another technology that previously applied only to football as an experiment. Despite the fact that I am actively interested in football, have learned about it only on the current World Cup. We now have a match referee balloon with a special liquid. And at every free-kick near the gate when the defense puts a wall, the judge counts a certain number of meters away from the ball and draw a line that spray. The very position of the ball is also fixed spray. Most often, when before the referee counted the distance from the sword, and pointed to the wall where the players need to be distracted by it, at the time the wall was moving to the ball. This prevents good performance penalty and often protracted time when the referee begins to understand and assume all over again. Now this problem is no more, where the ball drew, drew where the wall and walk, to understand, let's card, do what you want.
Spray few minutes itself disappears. I do not know what kind of makeup. But my friends call it shaving cream. It is very similar.

That's it, I hope the technology will continue to introduce football. Me as a person close to IT and football is very nice.

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