FIFA World Cup 2014: shock second debut and new technologies

Behind the five game days, the final stage of the World Cup in Brazil, for which there was a lot of interesting things. We are pleased to share with you my observations.

Brazil - football country. Football is everywhere.

The first match confirmed by one of the interesting facts we have reported to you earlier: Brazil national football team is the champion of strong-willed victory.

Missed the first of Croats pentakampeony entered himself into the history of an own goal by Marcelo: Brazilian scored the first goal in the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, at the gate of Brazil :)

However, Hispanics have coped with the task and won a landslide victory with a score of 3: 1.

However, the turning point occurred in some way, thanks to the Japanese referee, putting a controversial penalty kick in the gates "chess».

The second match, which took place the next day, most memorable incessant downpour.

Mexico won strained Cameroon with a minimum score 1: 0. It is very "dry" match of the tournament.

But the next game proved to be a real shock to many. The current world champion, the Spaniards met with the Netherlands national team.

The Spaniards even first opened the account. I did this Xabi Alonso.

But then everything turned upside down, and the Dutch scored in reply for five (!!!) balls. Definitely, one of the major sensations of the opening match.

Chileans, a little later, easily and expected, defeated the Australian team with the score 3: 1.

Colombians as easily dealt with by the Greeks. 3: 0, and no chance.

Uruguay squad is the team-favorite. In a match with Costa Ricans, they waited for a really cool shower. The strong-willed victory islanders familiar with us a score of 3: 1.

Do not be too focus on the match between the British and the Italians. We note only that the Italian team, for the most part consists of players whose teams in Serie A took not the first or second place in the championship :)

Open account Marchisio, who is considered a worthy substitute Andrea Pirlo, in that we do not really believe.

Sturridge equalized to show "Shrek».

Five minutes into the second half, SuperMario aka Ballotelli, presented the "Azzurri" victory.

Côte d'Ivoire was launched in the match against Japan without Didier Drogba. What seemed strange. The Japanese are not embarrassed by the efforts of Honda went ahead.

However, it was necessary to leave Didier in the 62nd minute as 5 minutes all changed dramatically and the Ivorians have won! A two assists gave Ore.

The Africans won with a score of 2: 1.

Very interesting confrontation between the teams came out of Ecuador and Switzerland. It was impossible to name those or other favorites. Open account Hispanics. They really look nice.

At the beginning of the second half, substitute Admir Mehmedi scored the equalizer.

All went to a draw but the Ecuadorians for a long time have not played in a draw, so Seferovic and decided to leave the national team of Ecuador's main uncompromising team tournament, giving the third added minute victory against Switzerland.

The French have no problems sorted out with the national team of Honduras with the score 3: 0. The most memorable episode, when she made her debut an electronic detection system of scoring.

Honduras keeper Valladares, it seems stretched round the ball before crossing the goal line. Monitoring and verification to prove the opposite. The second goal was scored the same.

The final match, which ended late at night showed that Argentina huge problems in defense.

Thanks to an own goal in the third minute, played by Bosnian Kolasinac, Argentines went ahead.

Debut against Bosnia and Herzegovina in the finals of the World Cup, can be considered not only valid, but also very bright. Jack and company perfectly battered nerves defense and goalkeeper for Argentina.

The Argentines won with a minimum score of 2: 1 is not showing the game that everyone expected.

Today will continue the matches, which means there will be many goals and interesting football.

The most interesting we see the opposition teams in Germany and Portugal.


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