PRACTICE-energy management:

Every person has a certain amount of vital energy. In India it is called prana, in China Chi, in Japan Ki. All esoteric teachings, including first of all learn the magic of charging and management of this mystical energy ...

What gives energy management?

If using the procedure described below, you will learn to manage your life energy, you can send it as inside the body and outside it. You also get the ability to direct energy to any other body. And if you are engorged specific intent that power, the almighty power will fulfill all your tasks.
This technique allows you to learn how to manage their energy during a breathing session, moving it around the body and outside it.

* Sit comfortably cross-legged or on a chair and relax.
* Put your hands on your knees, fingers should be folded in a gesture of knowledge.
* Eyes closed.
* Breathe in rhythm 5-5-5-5. 5 sec. breath, 5 sec. delay, 5 sec., exhale, 5 sec., the delay on the exhale.
* This rate allows you to enter into a magical dimension of reality.
* Breathe so until then, until natural breathing is established, and monitoring will be weaken.
* Bring your breath and count the seconds to automatism.
* When the breath is established, imagine purple ball of light in the area of ​​the crown.
Imagine a ball of energy, as vividly as possible.
* Imagine it even brighter.
* On the inhale, imagine that from outer space right across the top of you draw a bright purple ray energy.
* Breathhold this beam feeds bright purple ball and charge it with energy.
* On the exhale, visualize that the ball moves from the top of any part of your body.
* Delays in the exhalation, move the ball back to the top of the head.
* Move the ball in different areas of the body and organs - try to really feel it.
* Try to open your eyes and move the ball outside the body.
* Imagine the ball flying in front of you.
* Manage the movement of the power of thought energy ball.
* Energy Ball can heal any illness, if he was ordered to get into a sick body and heal him, though inexperienced magi it will not the first attempt.
* Charge the ball, any idea or thought and aim to meet the goal.
* You can order the ball fly to your friend and to instill in him the idea that he would have called you.
* You can send the ball to the healing of their disease or illness a loved one.
* Continue to practice until the easy fatigue.

The most favorable time for this powerful practice early in the morning or night. In these hours the atmosphere of the planet is literally full of free cosmic energy, and you can easily use it. It should also be noted that all such energy practices should be carried out on an empty stomach and in a calm state of mind.


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