The meaning of colors in iconography that can be taken into account when colouring Easter eggs

The subjective opinion of the authors of the post, you should use Canary, "toxic", non-traditional colors that are the result of artificial staining dyes (besides there is no confidence in the safety of the dyes).

Dyes of choice should be natural colourings, which, after dyeing, Easter eggs acquire shades and colours used in icon painting, among which the palm should be given to the onion skins.


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Even if there is nothing to paint, well, let's say, it so happened that there is no husk (and even black tea) or not enough time etc.., it is better to leave the eggs white than to mutilate them with paint of unknown origin. Let them be white. Or take a quail, and that dyeing is not necessary.

Children, they are flowers of life (who would doubt and let them live 100 years healthy!" )). Kids love to do Easter aiziesu. But! Results of children's creativity (not always successful) is not always necessary to put on the Easter table.

Otherwise, the children (and some ladies) will think that the eggs are covered with cereal, buttons or carrying on its shell inscriptions (sometimes well-known companies), it is the norm and tradition of our grandmothers (eggs and eggs) are lost forever. Buy them a wooden puppet in the form of eggs and let them practice in ajapai, until you understand what eggs worthy of the holiday table.


WILLOW. Actually willow in the Northern latitudes, replaces our palm branches). Not always possible to find willow twigs, especially in the cities. In the South, instead of willow, put in vases to Palm Sunday bouquets of boxwood (the Boxwood (lat. Búxus), boxes, books, Euonymus), see photo, which are kept until the next Easter, and willow in the Northern latitudes). Say no luck with the willow. Can safely cut the palm and put in a vase. If no trees, you can take a branch of any tree and set in a vase.




The choice of color for Easter eggs can see in the iconography (see the noble color of the Rublev icons), but at the same time and to see the range of colors in iconography that can be taken into account when colouring eggs.

The GOLDEN color represents God himself. Symbolizes the divine energy, the beauty and splendor of Heaven, where never night. Solar gold, as if absorbs the evil of the world and defeats him. This color speaks to Joy.

YELLOW color (ochre) is close to the spectrum of gold, in iconography often just replaces the gold color. Is the color of Supreme power of the angels.

PURPLE OR CRIMSON is the color of kings in the Byzantine culture. Only the king could sign the decrees of the Magenta ink to sit on the purple throne, wearing a purple clothes and boots (all the rest of it was strictly forbidden). Leather or wood bindings of the gospel in the churches were covered with purple cloth. In iconography this color is present on clothes of the mother of God – Queen of Heaven.

RED color – a symbol of the Resurrection, the victory of life over death. The color of love, life, life-giving energy. It is the color of blood and suffering, the color of the sacrifice of Christ. The icons in red robes depicted as martyrs. This is also the color of the wings close to the throne of God, archangels, Seraphim. Red background in the icon symbolizes the triumph of eternal life .

WHITE color – a symbol of Divine light. The color of purity, simplicity and Holiness. In iconography, white clothes represent the righteous, the souls of the dead people (only just), angels, and swaddling clothes of infants.

Blue AND BLUE color - a symbol of infinity of the sky, a symbol of the other, eternal world. Blue – the color of the mother of God, combining the earthly and the heavenly.

GREEN color – this color depicts scenes of the Nativity. A symbol of eternal renewal. Green land write in Christmas scenes.

BROWN – the color of a temporary and perishable, it is the color of the dust, the bare earth. Often, the robes of the virgin Mary write brown that is mixed with purple, it says about human nature subject to death.

BLACK – the color of evil and death. In the iconography of the black and decided to paint the cave – a symbol of the yawning graves and the abyss of hell. However, in some subjects, this color symbolizes mystery. Black represent clothing of the monks, departed from ordinary life. It is a symbol of the rejection of the old pleasures and habits, a kind of death in life.

GREY color – NEVER USED IN ICONOGRAPHY! It is the color of confusion, emptiness and obscurity mixing black and white, good and evil.


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10 meatless dishes, inspired by the Asian recipes

Salad is very suitable for the festive table palm Sunday. Delicious. Just. The number of products was variable, the only thing I want to put emphasis on the fact that it is with smoked salmon.

Fish salad "Leningrad"



  • potatoes boiled in "uniform", peeled and chopped cubes (do not overcook the potatoes), slightly salt it , then salad salt is not necessary;
  • salmon (half smoked salmon), remove bones from fillets, cut in cubes;
  • onion, chop (can be green onions, but onions were in our case better));
  • salted cucumbers, cut into circles;
  • capers, 1-2 tablespoons;
  • you can add olives, if of good quality.

As prigotovte:

Mix all of the above products.

Pepper black ground pepper, sprinkle with sunflower refined oil and all.published


Cook with love ! Enjoy your meal!



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