How to be slim: the dry grinding of cellulite at home!

Excessive consumption of fatty foods, fast foods and sweets are not the best way affects our health and appearance. And if you add to that an insufficient number drunk per day of clean water, lack of exercise, stress and insomnia (who is not!) You can find on your ass quite ordinary by today's standards a problem - cellulite. Unfortunately, the miracle cream or the most fashionable diet overnight will not relieve you from the "orange peel". It is best to make time for yourself and pamper your favorite body massage. The result did not take long!


dry grinding

This method of fighting cellulite has already proved its effectiveness. Firstly, it gives a lasting effect (especially when combined with essential oils or anti-cellulite cream). Secondly, improves skin tone, eliminating it from stagnation. Third, it helps get rid of stretch marks due to weight loss. And fourthly, a joy from taking care of your body.

How to carry out dry grinding

The session of treatments should take from five to ten minutes. Take a dry brush or loofah and processed their problem areas. Remember, the procedure should not cause discomfort. Just watch out for the fact that during the massage does not stretch the skin. Bring a light redness and heat sensation.

It is important to repeat the sessions regularly, ideally every day after a warm bath or shower.

Rubbing legs should always begin with the lower legs, gradually rising to the thighs and buttocks area to finish the procedure or abdomen (waist).


You can not:

to pull the skin; much pressure on the brush; to rub the skin with maximum effort. you do not follow these guidelines, you can injure the finest lymph and blood vessels, while our goal - to provide the tissue with blood and make a good lymphatic drainage. After the procedure, it is desirable to apply anti-cellulite cream or aromatic oils.

Unfortunately, thick legs to fabrics oversaturated liquid, with gross steatoma not cured by rubbing and anti-cellulite cream. Such problems require a more effective treatments and care. And vsë it is not necessary to abandon the dry grinding, because this way you can not only keep the skin in good shape, but also to motivate yourself to fight cellulite.

The most important man's struggle - a struggle with himself. And in most cases - with his laziness. If you do not lose heart and do not give up, do not give in to his laziness and fight to the end - run away from such a fighter, even cellulite! Share this article with your friends. Beautiful can not forbid!

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