Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is known throughout the world, and although he died at a relatively young age, his legacy is simply amazing. There are many repetitive facts about the superhuman capabilities of Lee. Here are a few stories about the super powers of Bruce Lee.

Flag Dragon

Bruce Lee was a fan of training: according to his widow Linda Lee, there was the time when Bruce was not engaged (even while watching TV, he sat down on the string). Of all the muscles of his body Lee paid the most attention to the abdominal muscles, which are used in virtually any motion, and thus are of great importance in the martial arts.

In an attempt to improve the strength of your abdominal muscles, Lee invented the exercise, which is now in his honor called the Dragon flag. If you have not guessed, this is one of the most difficult exercises - because Lee was not some bum. Stallone may popularized this exercise in Rocky 4, but Lee was able to do the exercise so that he could keep his whole body in the weight in a horizontal position on the bench and only his shoulders rested on the bench.

Imagine that someone had to fight with Lee, and then before the fight he would see how Bruce hovers in the air. Even the most severe fighter would have escaped with such speed that would be ahead of the passage of time.

Catching rice chopsticks

Remember the scene from the movie "The Kid Karate» (Karate Kid), in which Pat Morita (Pat Morita) catches a fly with chopsticks? Yes, Bruce Lee went on. It is said that Bruce is so wondered development of his reaction, he threw rice into the air and trying to catch a falling risinku. Apparently, if you can catch the little risinku, falls to the ground, then you will be easier to fight with the big man. Martial Arts!

Despite the fact that this sounds useless, needless skill and dexterity required to perform this trick made him clench his fists constantly about women that their hips were not separated from the body and instinctively ran to him. At least so it seems.

He was too strong for ordinary boxing bags

At the time, Lee used a variety of sports simulators designed specifically for him by his close friend James Lee (James Lee). Some of them have been collected at the request of Li, others were collected due to the need. Punching bag there examples of the second reason.

According to an unknown source, boxing bag to make fun of other bags, far surpassing them in size. Conventional boxing bags weigh about 30 kilograms, and some even reach up to 70 kilograms. Bag Lee weighed 140 kilograms! And he was filled with metal. It's not because of the fact that Lee was a braggart, he could not use a lighter non-metallic bag without breaking it. According to some stories, Lee could punch a boxing bag so much that he fell from the ceiling. Maybe he did not beat out a bag from the ceiling, but once he hit the bag so much that cause seizures in humans. Seriously.

Push-ups on one finger. Pull-ups on one arm.

How many times you could be wrung out right now? If your answer is anything other than "so much that the Earth would have thought I was trying to breed her," you are very lose to Bruce Lee.

In his youth, Lee loved to show off during training. One of his favorite tricks was push-ups on one finger. Exercise is carried out exactly the way you think, and Bruce served simply to prove that he could. And what tricks you like to show to the party? You can bet that your tricks have now shown you miserable.

The incredible power of Bruce was not limited to his fingers - he just could not catch up on the one hand, and according to some sources, he was able to catch up so 50 times and not tired. Of course, this exercise is not exclusive to Bruce, but the fact that he was doing it simply because it could bring us a certain pride that we live in the same world that existed his biceps.

Inch kick

This is one of the most famous Lee and surprising abilities. Lee has such strong hands, he could knock down an adult male from a distance of approximately 2, 5 cm.

This ability is so impressive that the researchers interviewed a lot of masters of martial arts to learn how this is possible. There is even a rare video clip in which Lee performs inch punch on a wooden board, probably to the trees, peeking movie, know your place.
There are also stories according to which Bruce used the impact on students - he very much appreciated the training of future generations. Lesson number 1: Do not zli Bruce Lee.

It was impossible to hit

Bruce Lee, who became a star because he very well knew how to fight with the people, of course often been called to fight in the street, because people in the 70s were shockingly stupid.
Fights usually ended the same way: Bruce just waved them as a fight with passers-by had no meaning. However, sometimes wishes were too pushy and Bruce Lee had to show what's what. During his life, Lee fought in the street three times and none of his opponents do not hit him even a single blow - he was too fast. When he was offered a fight on the set of "Enter the Dragon", Bruce escaped all enemy attacks and pressed him against the wall. He then taught a lesson fool.

Teach a man who is the instigator of street fights, the best way to fight - this logic is not entirely clear. But we will not argue simply due to the fact that the afterlife justified before Lee did not particularly want to.

He could pull a coin out of the hand of man and replace it with another

Speed ​​Li is so legendary that many cheetahs hang his picture in their den, and Usain Bolt (Usain Bolt) has to watch movies of Bruce in slow scrolling.

One of the most interesting of speed Lee is his ability to pick up a coin with the human hand. This usually happens because - Lee gave the man a coin into his hand, then he retreated half a meter. Then he told the man, so he closed his hand as soon as he sees that Bruce budge.

When the man noticed the rapid movement of Bruce Lee, he closed his hand and felt it a round object. However, complacency speeding when a man noticed that Lee is smiling and holding a coin. After that, it turned out that Lee had replaced a coin to the other in just a second. That was the last thing that fans have seen before as they head explode in frustration. It is not surprising that Lee died young - it is clear that for him as time went two times faster than others.

He was too fast for cameras

The fact that the motion Lee was so fast that we had to use a camera with a larger number of frames per second, repeated very often. There is a deal of truth in it. However, for some reason people miss the most interesting aspect of this.

When I first experienced this problem, Lee starred in "The Green Hornet» (Green Hornet) and noticed that all the scenes in which he fought, looked as if he just stood there, and his hands in front of him fell. For some reason, producer of the series felt that a minor character with magical powers, is not very interesting - why, he asked Lee to move more slowly, which helped, but Bruce still looked blurry. Lee was so fast that when he had to slow down, he looked like a blur. This is the first time such a proposal is described by something other than an eating zhirdyaya.

He dislocated his shoulder Man slap

If you say that someone has a superhuman ability to show his worth with the hand that is immediately noticeable how much he surpasses the average person. But if it's Bruce Lee is probably to show how much he surpasses the master of martial arts.

As previously mentioned, Bruce needed special simulators capable to cope with his power. However, he sometimes sparred with people stupid enough to come close to Bruce Lee within striking distance. This distance was the way the whole area of ​​the state in which at any moment of his life living Bruce Lee.

In one of these sparring Bruce sprained his partner's hand. When he was reproached for this, Bruce was embarrassed as he said "it was not even punch and slap." Read it again: Bruce was so much stronger than ordinary people that he could dislocate his shoulder something that he thought a light slap. What happened when he did not limit the force of its impact? Well ...

From his punches people literally flew into the air

Despite the time that he devoted to training and development of its strength, Bruce Lee rarely showed his true strength. Mainly due to the fact that history shows that it could hurt people just standing next to them.

However, Bruce had one trick that he liked to use. One of the most favorite things Bruce was his training shield, which he always carried with him. His favorite "prank" was to ask the person to hold the shield and let him hit. In the days when Bruce Lee was still alive, the owners of funeral homes in any case in advance the headstones were prepared with these words. The force he puts into shock, varied, but some of his attacks have raised people up in the air.

Considering that Bruce could not force people to overcome Earth's gravity a simple blow, it is not surprising that God saw it and asked him to come to paradise as a personal bodyguard.



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