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It has long been something we nebilo horoscopes. We are looking for your date of birth and see - who we are Egyptian horoscope.

 - 1-7 January
19-28 June
September 1-7
18-26 November
This river and its God is the source for the Egyptians inexhaustible energy. Nile - the river, giving life to the people of Egypt. Its waters are not only irrigated crops, but also fertilize the ground during broad spills. That's why once Neal was not just a river, but a deity worshiped and who asked for help during the famine years. Fertility god depicted with vegetables instead of hair surrounded by a large number of offerings.
Representatives of this sign - nature is very passionate and impulsive. The motto of the rest of their lives - it is better to do and regret than not to do and regret. They fit any profession, they will not have to sit all day at work, you can navigate and easy to change the type of activity.
Uncanny ability of people of the Nile - a gift of healing. If you try, you can shoot hands headache and get rid of the evil eye and negative energy. Next to you people feel good and relaxed. Your aura carries a positive charge.
Character: cheerful and patient. You can easily adapt to any environment. You are very perceptive, so people are drawn to you. Your advice - always hit the same kernel.
You always find yourself where need your help. But be careful! Because of this, you often use. You do not forgive betrayal, into a rage and act impulsively. Your judgment peremptory.
You can be called passionate special: all, no matter what you do, you rush headlong. You - deep family man. To treat your loved ones with special tenderness. Trying to support them with a kind word and inspire new feats. 8-21 January
1-11 February
The cult of the Sun, which existed in ancient Egyptian civilization, is embodied in the deity. Amon (meaning "hidden") was worshiped in Upper Egypt. When the capital of Egypt was the city of Thebes, Amun-Ra became the "king of the gods».
Amon combined the characters of many gods: Ra (the Sun God), Mina (the god of creation and reproduction), as well as militant god Montu. Over time, Amon-Ra became an advocate. It is presented as a man with a ram's head. Sometimes the head of human remains, but adorned with ram horns, or the solar disk. He was the husband of Mut, "the mother goddess».
His team - it's wise and whole life. In addition, one of their main qualities - it's sunny optimism. In the team they tend to play a leadership role. And of those chosen professions that allow them to showcase their individual talents. The quest for glory is in their blood. Praise wards Amon-Ra - and they move mountains. Supernatural is the ability to see the future. Among these people, many forecasters. Character: your integrity and boundless charisma attracts people to you. You are able to convince and have the oratorical talent. But sometimes you are so popular among friends, colleagues and friends that loved one you just do not have time.
Courage and cheerfulness - and your allies. You have the gift - to calm people. Near you everyone feels on top. Sometimes it even goes beyond what is permitted. You have the aura of a leader, but not a dictator. You - a good diplomat, as they often act slyly, surreptitiously.
Oddly enough, in love relationships you easily completely open to the partner's soul.

January 22-31
8-22 September
This goddess symbolizes a strict mother. Mut - the second largest in the Egyptian mythology the goddess Isis after. Its name translates literally as "mother." She was depicted as a woman with a double crown on his head: the crown of the High and Lower Egypt. Sometimes it is represented in a more dangerous form of a lioness or neck.
Her charges and demanding to themselves and to others. Alien romance, they are always ready to help not in word but in deed. Among the beneficiaries of the goddess Mut lot of test, experimenters and people who are in the progress of our society. Supernatural is your great physical strength, health and talent to feel any trouble a mile away. With a man like you go to any exploration is not terrible. Character: You are very emotional, and perhaps that is why you often do not have enough self-confidence. You are often thrown from sadness to joy.
To please you, you need to stock up on a remarkable patience. You can live in isolation from others and cultivate your own secret garden. Do you think that because you are protecting yourself from negative emotions.
Love occupies an important place in your life. Despite their sometimes exaggerated fears, you are able to move mountains to conquer and achieve peace of mind in a strong alliance with its partner.

12-29 February
20-31 August
Egyptians considered it a symbol of the Earth, lasting union and unity. Geb symbolizes the earth, plants and minerals. He portrayed a man with a red crown or a wig that is divided into three parts, with the image ... goose.
If you are born under this sign, you're a very good counselor, kind and sensitive face. Among the charges Hebe many public figures, psychologists and experts in the art. Supernatural your lies in the fact that under your hands all the blooms. Once you throw in the ground seed as it germinates. All green on the planet is divided with people Hebe power and energy. Character: Are you sure you phlegmatic? Rather, you will not have enough energy. More precisely, you have time to dispose of its own way: no rush, no fuss.
You are sensual, impressionable and very attractive. Friends so you trust that even if you do not want that, begin to share with you their problems, in full confidence that your board will change their lives for the better.

In love, you are looking for a man sensitive, trusting and energetic.

11-31 March
18-29 October
19-31 December
This goddess symbolizes femininity and motherhood. Wife of Osiris, she personifies the mother goddess and protects infants and navigators. Isis gained particular popularity because once revived her husband Osiris, who was killed jealous brother. It is often portrayed as a woman who between bull horns sunlight drive on her lap sits son Horus.
Happiness if born under its sign of the fairer sex. After all, the main essence of Isis - love. Her wards sow around him warmth and tenderness. But at the same time know exactly what they want in life. Stars predict their success in the economy and pedagogy. Supernatural gift brings good luck to all - here is your talent. You - as a lucky charm. All the dark forces sidestep the place where dwells ward Isis.
Character: You are cheerful, open, ambitious. Live in full force, beautiful, energetic, without prejudice and remorse. You adore exciting new experiments. You are calm, trusting, generous, love people and trust them endlessly. You amorous, but know how to love a long time, flavoring family life pleasant (or not) surprises. However, you are so idealistic that, not finding one worthy partner, give up on people and prefer to live "alone than with just anyone."

March 1-10,
November 27 - December 18,
Ancient Egyptians represented this god as a man whose hat is decorated with feathers.
Osiris - one of the greatest Egyptian gods. Being married to the sister of Isis to rule Egypt and bring back civilization, he infuriated his brother Seth, who tried to kill him, but Isis husband returned to life. Thus, Osiris, symbol of fertility and development, has become a master of "the other world". God of the dead, he spoke with people about their lives and was a guarantor of the survival of the people under the ground. This deity symbolizes renewal, as never dies. His team - excellent speakers and organizers.
From supernatural gods have given you the ability to see through people. Sometimes it seems that these people can read the thoughts of others. From them you can not hide anything. Character: your curious nature pushes you to new and unusual unexpected experiments. Do you believe in life and self-confident. Every moment you live in full force without being afraid to fail. After all, for you there is always a spare path, the ability to fix everything, to embark on new and even more exciting adventures. Everything flows, everything changes.
However, your irrepressible optimism requires rest, so from time to time you run into a mild depression. Self-doubt can also be caused by the fact that you can not stay away from anything whatsoever. You have successfully combines the strength and fragility, passion and altruism. Sometimes you are looking for pie in the sky when a bird is already sitting in your hands. Friendship for you is often stronger than love.

1-19 April
8-17 November
He helped people to acquire speech, writing and arithmetic. He is the patron saint of scientists and philosophers. God of Knowledge and Letters, He was a counselor of Osiris, Horus and protector. He was portrayed as a man or a baboon-headed ibis, decorated month.
He was revered as a god of oratory and accounts. Clerk thought the gods and measure time. This earned him the location of the magicians. They also say that he helped astronomers, accountants and healers. His wards differ much attention to detail and the ability to analyze and think logically. Supernatural Thoth people is that they can easily master the techniques of hypnosis. To convince anyone of anything - for them is not a problem. We only need to look into the eyes of man. To distinguish the truth from the lies they can in five seconds.
Character: curiosity, coupled with entrepreneurial pushes you in search of the new and the unknown. Staying charming and modest, you steadfastly maintains all the obstacles that life has prepared for you. You always strive to get to the truth. Your generosity is matched only by your honesty. You always and everywhere feel at home. I enjoy working with a word, and endowed with pedagogical talent. These qualities will help you to choose a profession that you are faithful to all his life. As for love, you can give your partner all the best, expertly hiding all his flaws.

1-7 May
20-30 April
12-19 August
He is often portrayed as a man with a bird's head. God of Heaven, Stars, Love, protector of the pharaohs, Gore - one of the oldest and most important of the Egyptian gods. Portray him often in the form of a falcon, with the solar disk on his head or as a man with a falcon's head. They say his eyes are able to see at night. Those who are born under the auspices of the mountain, created for flight. They have a great imagination, imagination, and they perfectly realize their potential in the field of creative professionals. They make good biologists and zoologists and animal trainers.
Supernatural wards Mountain reflected in the fact that they are able to understand the language of animals. Cats and dogs are happy to respond to their commands. Kindness and strength, they can tame any beast. Character: You are valued for cheerfulness, generosity and pragmatism. You see your goals clearly, so their achievement should be no problem. You have the soul of a creator, and you are not afraid of hard work, on the contrary, aspire to it. You love and do not run the risk of liability. In addition, always self-confident.
Love to manage, control everything, others are not thrilled with your despotism. You are not too considerate. You need to work on patience and diplomacy. You are quite capable of love at first sight. But this love is fleeting. Everything has its time. With age, you become more consistent in their feelings.

8-27 May
June 29 - July 13
In Egyptian mythology, the god of embalming the dead was engaged. However, the ceremony took place under his leadership, festive, as it is now said, with jokes, rhymes. Anubis, the god of the dead, was the funeral ceremonies and mummification. He expected the dead at the entrance to the dark realm, headed the trial of the soul and protects, bringing food and grave. His name means "the Jackal", and his images on the murals were a jackal or a wild dog with pointed ears and an elongated snout.
Anubis gave his players a sense of black humor and ability in difficult situations find funny moments. These people - "owls". They like to go to bed late and wake up late. Solitude prefer noisy companies. And the service, while remaining one-on-one with the problem, can do far more good than working in a team. Uncanny ability of people Anubis - a talent to administer justice. Thanks to the patronage of the mysterious god, no mortal can not hide the truth from the people. He always stands up for the weak and punish the perpetrators. Character: you prefer light shade, loneliness ... Many popularity seems very mysterious person. You are valued for sensitivity, sincerity and faithfulness.
You're a bit idealistic and very emotional. That's why you sometimes get depressed. But it may be that it helps you to decide some problems. You are a wonderful psychologist, because the world of the unconscious is not a secret for you. You are adamant and do not change once the decision. This creates some problems in romantic relationships. Old wounds are not tightened, that's why you are so easy to find your soul mate. Therefore, the partner you choose very carefully, ten times making sure that your relationships are built on mutual respect and harmony.

28 May -18 June
September 28 - October 2
The ancient people of this god is considered a symbol of freedom. The god of darkness, confusion, deserts, storms and war. Often portrayed as a man with a boar's head. Egyptians attached special importance to the cult of Seth.
Out of jealousy he killed his brother, Osiris, Isis, but the wife of Osiris by Thoth and Anubis revive him. As punishment for this act Seth was banished to the desert. Other sources report that was sent to heaven, where he now stands before us as the Big Dipper. Those born under the sign of Seth extremely ambitious, creative, confident and self-righteous. Such people are often chosen by politicians and leaders in the highest echelons of power.
Supernatural wards Seth shows up when they start read the cards, tea leaves, and even the clouds. No one is better not to know how to read the signs of destiny and do the right conclusions. They can safely entrust destiny. Character: conqueror and you think that the obstacles are to be overcome. So you and they are constantly looking for. Do not dwell on the past and looking forward to the future. On their past mistakes, you do not know how to learn, so always something to start again, check out their abilities, competing with someone. Inner peace you find in the fight against internal paradoxes.
Often you think that you can rely only on themselves. You can not stand limitations in professional, social and love spheres. His egoism you defend against events that could hurt you. Prefer to run and hide, to keep their freedom. In love, you can hardly control his jealousy: subconsciously choose partners who will like your impulsive behavior.

14-28 July
September 23-27
3-17 October
Bastet - the goddess of love and fertility.
She was depicted as a woman with the head of a cat or a lioness. It protected the pharaohs and humanity. Deity in the guise of a cat gives his players charm, the ability to be sensitive, to understand the situation. This is an ideal wife and mother. They are easy to succeed in all professions who believe women. They make excellent teachers, nurses, florists and accountants. They are beautifully knit, sew and cook delicious. Supernatural can be considered their ability to soothe and relieve stress. They have an amazing "cozy" aura, which warms all around.
Character: you are used to defend. Vigilance - your forte, but prevents excessive caution to assess the situation. You need to overcome shyness and open to the world, then life will seem much more interesting and brighter. Your charm and natural charm and diplomacy, grace and generosity attract people to you. Acumen, a well-developed intuition and tact make your friends look to you for advice. And they do not make mistakes, because you will always find the right words for each.
In love, you are looking for a partner able to assess your sensuality and emotion. You surround your loved ones special attention, care and boundless love.

July 29 - August 11
October 30 - November 7,
This deity with a lion's head. His judgment is impartial. The main purpose of his life - justice. Sekmet means "power, power." Sekmet was the goddess of strife and war. She put things dryness or flooding, in general, has been a source of human misery. -


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