10 rules for those who want to lose weight. Speed ​​up your metabolism and become leaner!

You certainly had heard that many overweight people blame their slow metabolism problem. You want to know if this is really the case? We invite you on a small tour of his own body. Learn how to permanently part with overweight!

For a start it should be noted that the metabolic rate does influence body weight, but does not become the cause of excess weight. The main factors that determine a person's weight, are consumed food, beverages and physical activity.

Do you remember from school biology course that is metabolism? This is a process in which the body turns food and drink into energy. Calories from foods and beverages are combined with oxygen and release energy, which is necessary for normal body functioning. Even when your body is at rest, it requires energy to maintain its hidden functions, such as breathing, blood circulation, regulate hormone levels, cell renewal. It is noteworthy that even at rest the body is able to burn about 70% of all calories consumed.

The factors that determine the rate of metabolism:

Body type

People who are inclined to corpulence, burn more calories than thin, even while at rest.


If we compare men and women of the same age, having a higher amount of muscle mass and less fat tissue, men burn more calories.


The older a person is, the less becomes his muscle mass and more - fat. On average, slowing metabolism begins with 40 years and then steadily decreases every year.

The digestion of food (thermogenesis)

Digestion, transportation and storage of food consumed also require a certain amount of calories (about 100 to 800 calories per day). It turns out that the body's need for energy to process food stays relatively stable and difficult to change eë.

Physical activity

Daily physical activity, such as going to the store, jogging with the dog, the failure of the elevator in favor of steps to burn the remainder of calories consumed per day. Reveal a little secret: you gain weight when you consume more calories than you burn, or vice versa, you burn fewer calories than you consume.

Of course, you can not control your age, gender and genetics, but there are other ways to improve metabolism.

We offer to your attention 10 ways to speed up metabolism:

1. Drink plenty of water

Coffee, tea and many soft drinks dehydrate the body. In conditions of constant dehydration slows down the metabolism to preserve as much as possible the valuable liquid and reduce its losses.

Limit your intake of tea and coffee. Drink plenty of clean water without sugar and other additives.

Remember: you need to drink water regularly but in small sips. If you accustom yourself to drink clean water and to reduce consumption of sugary drinks over time will significantly improve your well-being.

2. Eat 5-6 times a day

The smaller the interval between meals, the less the body's desire to postpone the calories on a "black day" for fear of famine. Those who eat regularly and in small portions, not only helps the body to maintain blood sugar levels, but also burn more calories throughout the day.


Try as much as possible snacking apple, nuts, dried fruit, and do not let yourself go hungry!

3. Pay attention to the amount of protein consumed

Protein is digested by the body more slowly than fat or carbohydrates, and helps speed up the metabolism. The combustion of the protein consumed much more energy, so this diet helps maintain lean body mass and muscle, as is known, even at rest burns more calories.


Eat more foods containing protein: lean meat, turkey, fish, white meat chicken, tofu, nuts, beans, eggs, buckwheat, quinoa salads and low-fat dairy products.

4. Do not forget breakfast!

The most important meal - in the morning. If you want to speed up the metabolism, in any case, do not give up on breakfast. Ideally, food should be rich in nutrients, especially protein.


The ideal breakfast can be so light and hearty meals like oatmeal with berries and almonds, omelet with spinach, low-fat cheese and a slice of whole-wheat bread or cottage cheese with berries.

5. Include in your diet citrus

These fruits contain high amounts of citric acid, which is necessary for respiration of the cells, using oxygen, and helps accelerate metabolism.


Diversify your menu, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, lime, but not to use them on an empty stomach, if you have digestive problems.

6. Build Muscle

Metabolic rate in people with higher muscle mass is significantly higher. Each kilogram of muscle burns about 13 calories per day at rest, while every kilogram of fat burn only 5 calories per day.


I join a gym. After a session of strength training the muscles of the body are activated, they begin to burn more calories and thus accelerate the process of metabolism.

7. Change the intensity of physical activity

Carrying out exercises, pay attention to the rate of loading. Build up speed to perform actions for 30-60 seconds, and then return to the normal rate of 90 seconds. Repeat this 2 times a week for 5 sets. Using this strategy, you force your body to consume more oxygen and more efficiently burn calories throughout the day.


Aerobic exercise will help maintain a high metabolic rate for several hours after your workout! The higher the intensity of the load, the higher the rise in metabolic rate.

8. Include in your diet foods containing omega-3 fatty acids

Include in your diet foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, you podstegnesh your metabolism and increase your body's ability to burn fat faster.


Develop the habit of taking fish oil every day. If you can not - give preference to fatty fish (salmon, trout, tuna, sardines and mackerel), flaxseed and canola oil, walnuts.

9. Avoid strict diets

Does not reduce the number of calories consumed per day as advised many diets - 1 200 (for women) and 1800 (for men). If you want to speed up your metabolism, such a diet is not for you. Yes, they will help to throw a couple of kilos, but you risk to lose muscle mass, and this, as we have said, will slow down your metabolism. As a result, the body begins to burn fewer calories than before the diet, and after it so hard lost weight very quickly returned.


In these diets is important to follow one simple rule - eats enough calories to maintain normal metabolic rate at rest.

In order to determine this speed, it is possible to use the following formula:

FRF = (9 x 99 M) + (6, 25 x P) - (4 x 92) + (166 x n) - 151

M = your weight in kilograms

P = your height in centimeters

At your age =

P = sex ratio (1 - for men, 0 - for women).

10. Do not forget about the night's sleep

It is proved that the lack of sleep the body produces less leptin (satiety hormone) and more ghrelin (hunger hormone).


The longer your night's sleep, the more will be your metabolism throughout the day. Ideally, you want to sleep in a cool room, not being covered with a blanket. Before going to bed try not to be nervous, look no heavy movies. Otherwise, your body will produce the stress hormone cortisol, which slows down the metabolism. And refrain from carbohydrates at night, otherwise you risk to put on weight.

Of course, it is not necessary to strictly observe all of the above rules. But if you really want to speed up your metabolism and lose weight, you take some advice on your note. Like this? Share with your friends. Let them also learn how to quickly and easily lose weight.

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