Fasting as a method of treatment of any disease: a natural way to become healthier.

Incurable diseases does not exist! A bold statement, with whom you can argue, but ... Do you know that every three years the cells of the human body is fully updated? This gives hope for the elimination of any disease, because in this situation all the diseased cells of the body can be successfully replaced by healthy ones. And this is not so difficult as it seems! You just have to change their diet and lifestyle in order to radically upgrade the entire body and get it to function correctly. Unfortunately, conventional medicine does not advocate this approach, preferring only to heal the warning signs of disease, and does not care about the health of the whole complex of the body. But there is another way!

Emergency body for any disease is to accelerate the process of cell renewal. The best way to do it - starvation! Due to a shortage of nutrients the body is completely purified and steered their internal reserves in digestion, and excretion of toxins. After cleansing the cells begin to work better and more quickly replaced with new ones. There are cases when properly conducted starvation defeated even cancer.


During his illness in humans loss of appetite as well as nature intended. This is a natural mechanism for the salvation of the disease-causing bacteria that feed on the dead tissues of the body. Fasting removes excess fat, dead cells, and more - the most flawed and weak live. This is his miraculous effects on the body. There are many methods of fasting, described the most popular Paul Bragg Of course, like any method of treatment, starvation must be approached with a mind - start small and work slowly.


You should begin, of course, a one-day fasting. Probably feeling bad at the first attempt because the accumulated toxins are very active output. Dry mouth, dizziness, weakness - these symptoms are at a poisoning. But if you drink a lot of water and to endure this state efforts be rewarded handsomely. You not only become healthier, purified, and the mind - when toxins from the body, the brain also starts to work better! No wonder they say that full belly to the teachings of dull ...

Having decided to fasting, be sure to read the relevant literature on this magical method of healing the body. This will help you do the right thing, as efficiently as possible for themselves. Periodic fasting strengthens the immune system and helps maintain a balance of substances in the body, a small weight loss - another bonus of fasting.

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