South Korea. 80 strange why!

As long work, faced with different countries and recently, talked with South Korea, was very interested in why they are doing all the weird and perform. Ask one do not understand that!
In this regard, decided to read about the build and to plant mentality was interesting and sad.
But one text impressed!
Under the cut!

These questions - what I could not accept or understand the 25 months of life in the country with the most beautiful girls in Asia. You should not assume that I hate Korea - unfortunately, no less a list I would write about Russia, which is permanently protected from ridicule by the same Russian. Moral: "Well, where we do not»:


1. Why did one of the most terrible crimes employee Samsung is unveiling a specially Send an email with a randomly generated in the spirit of the theme: dhbhurdxhjitdcvhgdsfg?
2. Why is it called the fight against spam?
3. Why is it when someone opened, then displays all other members of the team molded distracting red stripe with the words in Korean, and the desktop loser is put a big banner "I opened a spam email" (also of course in Korean)?
4. Why did the company, where the official language is English, and many foreigners specially selected secretaries with a complete lack of English?
5. Why foreigners are sending letters to 90% in Korean?
6. Why is a company where the main language is English, it takes 10 years to partially transfer the corporate website?
7. Why are the rules of Work Smart Samsung says that the question of the head of the preferred restaurant for you do not have to answer the truth and that love your boss?
8. Why Samsung for damage to the fence after the company's corporate drinking employee salary was reduced by 3 levels, and corruption was just another employee is deprived of the award?
9. Why are Koreans so successfully replicate and integrate, but uncreative?
10. Why do the employees do not believe the camera glued prohibit removal of all printed, searched at the exit, but the mail or fill in the documents is still almost elementary?
11. Why Samsung is building all the time parking is certainly less than the number of workers and machines because after 9 am in the parking lot going on something difficult and all of each other's locked?
12. Why do some documents (eg, the agreement on termination of the contract) Samsung makes one-off and takes it himself, but a request to give a copy of the answers: no - it's for internal use?
13. Why are so many warning and prohibiting signs only in Korean (in the global company, where the official language - English)?
14. Why do we have on the order of VP became permanently turn off the light for lunch and dinner, without thinking that someone can work and is harmful to the eyes (the most powerful illumination is always on the football field)?
15. Why are Koreans so fond of sleeping on the job, and in all kinds of places?
16. Why the Samsung manages to do good things?


17. Why Korea got rich 10 times in the last 30 years, and the food and restaurants have not changed?
18. Why do most restaurants are still sitting on the floor, even though Koreans chairs are more comfortable?
19. Why rice - almost the only side dish?
20. Why do the majority of dishes abound red pepper and does not bother anyone that Korea ranks first in Asia for gastric cancer?
21. Why is close to the sea hundreds of identical restaurants that sell at exorbitant prices (with respect to locations that are remote from the Korean sea) only raw seafood?
22. Why do the most disgusting food (such as larvae) is always «good for man»?
23. Why is inside the packaging of any cookie pechenyushki sure each has its own upakovochku (as a result, a large part of the liver is its packaging)?
24. Why does not turn sour milk into yogurt, and become bitter with yellow islands?
25. Why almost buy imported products, as well as all local stuffed chemistry, even after eating Three buns I feel like in my stomach are chemical reactions, and he is clearly not happy about this?
26. Why are products where the word organic double the price, while not adding to this very organic?
27. Why is there a variety of shops only tasteless Korean snacks and types ramёna (in Russian, bum-bag or doshirak)?
28. Why did the tomato - a fruit?

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