6 reasons why Halloween is not harmless

Christian, the priest John. John wonders what's behind Halloween, and believes that the holiday every year becomes "increasingly dark and sinister."

Harmless Halloween? But not when you are celebrating evil.

Halloween has become one of the largest festivals in the British calendar.

Always existed traditions associated with October 31, but the current phantasmagoria and the epidemic of the drawings is a modern phenomenon. Ten years ago in the UK Halloween was spent only 12 million pounds; today, thanks to Hollywood and advertising, is about 300 million.

From a financial point of view, Halloween has become our third biggest holiday, after Christmas and Easter. And yet, Halloween has earned its position despite the fact that people seriously think about what this holiday, and if we want it at all. When people talk about what is happening on the 31st of October, most often-heard phrase that Halloween is "harmless nonsense."

But is it really harmless? And is it really just nonsense? Time to think seriously about it.

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Here are six reasons why Halloween is not harmless:


Although people celebrate Halloween in different ways, it essentially remains an event that glorifies the dark, dark and scary side of life.

Children and adults dress up in "evil" characters: witches, vampires, ghosts and demons.

If you want to be different you can hire costumes killer with a chainsaw, the mad butcher or even the victim who was shot ("with a reliably-looking bullet wounds"). And it is hardly harmless.

Whatever our worldview, we all take for granted that our society should spend time and energy inspiring kids to care about others and to distinguish between good and evil.

And yet this day would throw away all the values and glorify all the evil and unpleasant. So we are introducing contradictory ideas about the world.


We live in a world where every parent and teacher tries to warn children that strangers may pose a threat, and you need to be careful. During Halloween we forget about this rule and encourage children to knock on doors of strangers and make them treats.

Another contradiction!


No doubt that evil is serious, and robbery, assaults and serious crimes are appalling.

And here again on Halloween the rules change. On this day we pritvoryaetsya, death, vices and injuries – just a children's game.


You can simply say that scaring kids is not good, but thinner and more menacing. Costumes for Halloween, often focus on deformities, Gory wounds and physical disability.

There are a number of Internet sites, which describes how to make a quality costume monster; for example, how to make burns that look realistic, or how to make yourself terribly ugly.

Now think, how would you feel if you yourself were the victims of a fire, disabled or experienced a terrible fear.

Do we want, really, to spread the idea that ugliness equals evil?


The experience on Halloween do not occur only among "religious" people.

Various people Express concern about the situation, especially the fact that Halloween is becoming more dark and sinister each year.

I believe, carved pumpkins were pretty harmless; the new blood-stained murderers with axes – no.

And if we don't like the direction in which it moves Halloween, maybe it's time to stop to celebrate it.


According to some more ancient traditions of the celebration of Halloween people dressed in costumes who were associated with evil, and at the end of the evening costumes were burned.

The idea was naive, but clear: in the end good triumphs over evil. But such a hint of modern Halloween.

Now evil does not meet with resistance and dissolves into the darkness to once again return.

This is not the idea which is needed by the modern world. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©


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