The secrets of longevity from the 111-year-old Englishwoman Dorothy Peel

Seventy five million three hundred forty one thousand nine hundred twenty eight

In his 111 birthday Dorothy Peale talked about the secrets of his longevity and his way of life.

For her it's — booze, cigarettes, and the absence of children. Widow Dorothy vypivaet for many years and smoked almost all of your life.
About alcohol, she said, "I drink regularly throughout the day. This morning half a pint of sherry, for lunch a gin and tonic and around 7pm some ginger ale with whiskey. But lately I drink more sherry."

About the smokes: "I decided to reduce the tobacco consumption at the age of 103 due to bronchitis". Previously, she smoked a pack a day, but now allows himself a cigarette or two for Christmas or New year with a glass of your favorite pink champagne.

She says, "And I think the fact that I didn't have children, has helped me survive for a long time. These are the reasons why I look good and feel so good. As for smokes and booze is not good. But I'm living proof that if you obtain something to dream about – it will be good for you."

Dorothy, who lives in Bridlington East Yorkshire, remembers the time when Titanic sank and how twice came under bombing in hull during the second world war. She remembers how one day a bomb hit a nearby house, killing all of its neighbors.

The last 13 years, Dorothy lives in a nursing home. She chooses what to wear, dresses herself and wears shoes made to order. The staff says she's adorable, but she's not boring.

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