Build a summer kitchen with veranda—ideas for the estate

Spring and summer kick sat up in smoggy cities residents in their cottages. Here you can take heart, flexing the bones in the beds, and then in pleasant company to drink tea with bagels. In summer season the skillful Housewives please their households delicious fresh vegetables, fruit, prepared canned for the winter. The only problem is that in hot weather it is hard to cook in the kitchen, which from the high temperature turns into a gas chamber. There can be no culinary masterpieces! To solve this problem will help a summer kitchen with a veranda. How nice outdoors to treat you to barbeque or grilled dishes your friends, cook jams, pickles, marinades, and in the evening, sitting in a rocking chair and watching the sunset, sipping aromatic herbal tea. The best bliss you can imagine! How to build a summer kitchen with a veranda, so that it was convenient and comfortable?

Where to arrange a summer kitchen with a veranda, There are several accommodation options, a summer kitchen with veranda on the site. The most common and low-budget – extension to the dacha, or country house. It's enough to make a canopy over one of the walls of the house and boom on two sides. The Annex should be divided into two parts: area for cooking and a veranda where this food can successfully be "sentenced". Advantages of an attached summer kitchen with a veranda that does not need a separate communication, it is enough to bring them from home. Building materials will require the minimum quantity, and appliances you can simply move out of the main kitchen, making there on the summertime for extra space.

Summer is very pleasant to dine in the fresh air

The second variant – the construction of the summer kitchen with veranda in the garden, that is, the removal from the country house. It is more costly, but practical and enjoyable. Erecting a summer kitchen in the garden, you will be able to eat and make friends in the lap of nature without disturbing the other inmates of the cottage. Under a freestanding outdoor kitchen can be equipped with basement storage, preservation, wine cellar. It is clear that you have to take care of the summing up of all necessary communications. It is desirable that the place for such premises was without bumps and slopes shaded by trees and shrubs. The ideal would be the presence of a small artificial pond that will add coolness in hot summer day. You need to take care of the easy passes to the summer kitchens on all sides suburban area.

Types of structures: open and closed Outdoor summer kitchen with veranda is a platform without a roof. This option is ideal only if you use the kitchen only in the summer and only for entertaining guests with a barbeque. It is desirable that the room be placed in the shade of trees or take care of additional umbrella or canopy over the hob and dining table. The impracticality of this design is that it is not protected from wind and rain, and all the kitchen utensils have to bring them in. Care should be taken that all the dishes were well closed, and the furniture was made from materials that are resistant to moisture and wind.
For cooking in the summer suit outdoor kitchen

Enclosed summer kitchen with a veranda, the most practical and convenient option. Here you can stay up late, despite the bad weather. But if such a premise advanced glazing, it is possible to spend time and late autumn. Design solutions for the finishing of the summer kitchen with a veranda, a huge amount, it all depends on the taste of the owners and functionality to the room. Depending on requests, this area of work and rest may be ordered in a rustic or classical, in the style of hi-tech.

The main object in any interior will be an oven. Good decision – making stove design in the classical form but modern in content – a hob, an oven, a barbecue for grilling fish, meat, vegetables, shelves for storage of various items. The center of attraction for all the inhabitants of the cottages in the evening the fireplace. The crackling of the firewood in it calms down and adjusts to ponder. Chimney design should be multi-function: with oven, hob, grill

Around the stove formed the rest of the space. For a complete summer kitchen and veranda will need sinks, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, cupboards, and on the veranda – dining table, chairs, a couch for relaxing.

Designers believe that among the variety of issuance of summer kitchen with veranda, main thing is to have a synthesis of 3 items: warm wood, cool stone and the comfort of home.

Finishing materials for comfort and coziness the Ideal option is a summer kitchen with a veranda made of wood. It is from this natural material often build the frame and wall, they carpet the floors. You only need to cover the outdoor part of the special impregnation for moisture resistance. A good option combining wooden walls with large Windows from floor to ceiling.

A summer kitchen with a veranda made of wood will give warmth and comfort to owners and their guests

Stone summer kitchen will give cool, it's reliable and durable material used to line floors, stone work surfaces, walls, stove, fireplace. It is advisable to take a porous stone, it can withstand frost.

Stone cladding is a practical solution for a summer kitchen

Ceramic tile used as flooring or interior of the summer kitchen. Complement the interior of the original stuff out of clay, carved wood, wrought iron, porcelain.

Ideas for the arrangement and decoration of the room If the summer kitchen with veranda created in the classic style, the perfect complement will be fountains and landscaped sculpture, if in the style of hi-tech screens and fences made of wrought iron, glass, steel. If you have a normal village setting, use a pond or waterfall... the Atmosphere of coziness and warmth will create the objects and things made from textiles: curtains, potholders, towels, tablecloths, slipcovers for furniture. Everywhere arrange flower pots in which to grow violets, and aromatic herbs, the lemon tree.

Ampelnye plants and vines adorn the porch of the kitchen

Don't be afraid to experiment with colour, the summer kitchen would be appropriate riot of colors, feel free to use intricate patterns, unconventional colors. The contrast will play in your favor.

Pay special attention to the lighting, the day will be enough sunlight, and need additional lighting: pendant lamps, lights, lighting furniture. Will fit perfectly in the rustic atmosphere of a summer kitchen with a veranda of bamboo or rattan furniture. Bring on the veranda of a small cinema, it's so nice after dinner to watch a good movie or cheer for your favorite football team.



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