The main skill that should be taught to the child - self

Scientific substantiation samoobladaniyaEsli you want to teach your child one thing, let it be self-control, the researchers say. The new large-scale study promises to parents who teach their children self-control, they will see huge benefits, not only in the short term, but also for the entire future working life of their child. It may even increase his chance of becoming an adult, find a job.

"The study emphasizes the importance of self-control in early life as a powerful predictor of job prospects in adulthood," said lead researcher Michael Daley of the University of Stirling in Scotland.

In the journal Psychological Association published a new study. Spends his researchers found that children with high levels of self-control tend to be more careful, it is easier to cope with difficult tasks and control their impulsive behavior. In addition, in adulthood, they had a better chance of finding and keeping a job. And people with low self-control were unemployed 40% longer. To find the relationship between self-control and unemployment in adulthood, scientists analyzed data from more than 15 000 British children.

The level of self-control was measured starting from 7 years of age, adjusted for intelligence, social class, health status and family background. The results showed clear evidence of the relationship of self-control and unemployment in adulthood. The study of the recession of the 1980s also showed that people who had a low level of self-control child, experienced a pronounced surge in unemployment during this difficult economic period. They were among the first who lost their jobs during the crisis, and it was difficult to get back to work. This may be due to several factors, including increased vulnerability to stress because of unemployment, the negative impact of long breaks in work and habits that prevent the work, such as the inability to schedule the time and irregular sleep.

"Pre-school education, school programs and a variety of extracurricular activities, such as yoga, meditation and martial arts, have everything you need to help develop self-control and related capacity," - said Daly.



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