First aid for tick bites

Ticks can be carriers of many diseases, including deadly. It is therefore very important to know what measures should be taken to remove the insect and prevent complications.

During the bite of a tick secretes saliva, which contains analgesic substances, so people don't usually immediately notice the tick bite.

First aid for tick bites:

• Do not pull the tick with your hand or shake it. These actions usually lead to the fact that the head of the tick breaks off and remains in the human body. Pull it then is quite difficult.

• Next, you need to extract a tick from your body. If steps to remove the tick to make correctly and quickly, the possibility of transmission of the pathogen will be minimal.

• Before you begin removing a tick from your body, it needs to be carefully moistened with alcohol, soap or sunflower oil.

• Remove the tick from the wound in the following ways:

1. With tweezers (you can also with your fingers wrapped in gauze) slowly remove the tick. Your actions should be neat and smooth movement vykruchivatsya.

2. Tie the thread of the tick between the skin and the base of the head of the insect. After that, pull the ends of the yarn in different directions.

• If you are not sure you can get the tick or you can't get this one, it is possible pokapat on the bite with a drop of paraffin. This will close the parasite access to the air. Soon the tick will suffocate and it will be entirely and absolutely painless to pull out.

• Once you got the insect out of your body, it is necessary to treat the bite with disinfectant, iodine or alcohol.

• Removing the tick need better gloves. Save the parasite after its removal from the body. This can be very useful later.

In the next few days especially, observe the healing of wounds. To go to the doctor after a tick bite is required under the following circumstances:

• If during extraction of a tick from the wound, the head of the parasite was separated and remained inside the body of the victim.
• On the site of the bite formed a strong redness or swelling.
• Within one month after being bitten the following condition: fever, rash, photophobia, headache, heaviness in the movements of the neck or the eyes, pain in muscles and joints.published



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