7 crazy facts about ticks living on your face right now

Yes, you heard right: Now on your face, most likely, live a colony of mites demodeksov.A if not yet live, it soon will be living as infected demodeksozom - simple. The site tells what kind of a beast - a tick Zheleznitsa.


1. The tiny mites demodex are parasitic on mammals, particularly humans. They prefer to settle near the hair follicles - on eyebrows and eyelashes, as well as in most areas of fatty skin - on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin, as feed sebum.

2. amazed Zheleznitsa increases with age; estimated carriers mites are one third of children and young people, half of adults and 2/3 of the elderly. Mites are transmitted by touching the hair, eyebrows and sebaceous glands of the nose.


3. Total Demodex mites live for several weeks, after which the corpse decomposes inside the follicle and sebaceous gland. Editorial introduced this tiny 'cemetery in the eyebrows "and trembled.

4. demodex do not have the anus, so save up fecal matter in itself, but after the death of these wastes are released, clogging pores, which causes an immune reaction in the form of tissue damage (rosacea).

5. In most cases the presence of ticks quietly and is not accompanied by any symptoms. But in some cases, usually due to the depressed state of the immune system associated with the disease or stress, the number of ticks increases dramatically.


6. Adult mites reach 0, 3-0, 4 mm. The mite can leave the follicle and move through the skin at a rate of 8-16 cm / hour (mainly at night because of the world they are trying to avoid).

7. Screening tick made quite simple: by careful vydёrgivaniya eyelashes or the hair of the eyebrows and review it under a microscope.

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