Two in one: cot with working area

Not always the number of square meters in the apartment allows you to select an individual area for games, for desktop, for beds with a bedside table. But interior design is not only beautiful pictures in glossy magazines, it is also a reasonable approach to the use of apartment space. Even in a crowded room you can find a place for play areas and for individual drawers, and desktop.

A loft bed with a work area – how it looks?

Furniture manufacturers have found a way to use the same square footage in the apartment several times – that is what makes a loft bed, a close "relative" bunk beds. In this embodiment, the actual bed is only on the second, the "attic" floor, but the first tier is reserved for Desk. This is the simplest option, but in a more complex and interesting models in this design and combined Desk and dresser, and bedside tables, and wardrobe, and sports equipment. In a word, bunk furniture uses space in the room not only in width but also in height.

Thus your child receives much-needed living space, a kind of mini-room. And most importantly – you will not find a kid that doesn't want to literally live in this room.

The principle is clear, that only with the choice of a bed will be much more difficult. Options just do not count! In any case, before you go shopping, you should be very careful to consider how it will be located, how high will occupy. In one word, walk around the room with a tape measure and pencil, and carefully write down all the details.

Bed with play area under the bed

Existing proposals can be divided into three main groups:

  • Bunk beds with work area on the first floor and the bed on the second
  • Bed-podiums, which represent a higher version of the bed, beneath which are drawers and on the tabletop. The main difference between these models is that the bed is a single plane, as if part of the floor raised to the desired height. One word – the podium!
  • The complex of beds under the ceiling, and all the necessary pieces of furniture. In this case, the furniture scattered, but folded in such a way that one wall of the room is a mini-nursery. This option is useful if the house or apartment high ceilings. The bed is usually placed above the window to climb back with the help of a tall ladder.

The bed under the ceiling – for those not afraid of heights

The basic rules of choice – choose a bed with the "attic"!

No matter which option you choose – for a start think about the safety of the child. Natural materials, safe inks and varnishes that this should be the furniture. It is best to choose a softwood, for example pine in addition to good strength it saturates the air with volatile production, and these substances improve the child's immunity and protect from viral diseases.

The tree is more warm, alive, can not be said about the metal. However, metal structures also have the right to life, particularly in models of beds, designed for teenagers.

Consider the weight expected by design. Typically the loft bed can withstand up to 70-80 kg, each item must be calculated on the big loadings. Pay special attention to the ease of the staircase leading to the box must be sturdy handrails and wide steps.

Bed bumpers should protect your kid from falling from heights. Bumpers can be very large and actually turn the bed into a small room. However, not every child will like this decision – someone will feel in a confined space like a cage, and someone this bed will become a favorite vacation spot.

Inside the sides there should be no sharp edges, no protruding elements that can catch. The merits of a properly chosen bed with working area weight, but the drawbacks almost none.

Bumpers – the key to safe sleep

Efficient use of space – thanks to beds with working area you can easily teach a child to order. All things will have their place, all will be sorted according to individual cabinets and shelves. The second tier is a place to sleep, the first floor is a place for play and learning.

Aesthetic solutions – such furniture are very fond of interior designers. Beds with a layer looks unusual, and thanks to the great color palette, great opportunities to combine outdoor modules you can create a sleeping place with a variety of features and in many different ways. Bed can turn into a little hut or a miniature castle.

The bed on the upper "floor" – this solution will appeal to every kid. Out of all the shows, where you can hide there. However, this loft bed is designed for one owner.

The bed grows with your baby – this is the feature most valued by parents. Numerous sliding panels allow you to increase the length of the bed, with modules you can add tall Cabinet and desktop, add new tables and shelves. Using the same modules, you can completely change the functionality of the furniture, for example, the working space under bed can easily turn into a miniature closet. Photos and videos in this article will help to understand how such furniture saves space.


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Classic loft bed – the main options

If you have at least the basic skills of a carpenter, and you have the right tools, the simplest version of the loft bed you can do yourself. In fact, this bed will be different from the usual high and durable legs, which are made from timber with the parties not less than 5 cm to Attach to the bed the ladder will not make anyone work. Under the bed the bed can be placed a wide Desk with shelves. This variant the beds are comfortable in cases when the family has several children, but they live in a separate room where there are cabinets and shelves for things. With beds you free up a lot of space for games and recreation.

If there is no room for two beds, you can purchase a double option where the Desk is from the end. This box is most convenient to put in the corner of the room, to butt with the desktop was sent to the door. In addition to the countertops, to the bed you can put a few shelves and under the Desk to install small bedside table for school supplies.

A double option with the desktop

A larger version of the loft bed contains many drawers, hiding under the stairs full stair leading to the second tier. This bed looks more cumbersome, but able to replace a wardrobe. Speaking of closets there are models in which the cabinets are a part of the design and are installed at both ends of the bed. This design takes up the entire wall.

The original solution is the bed in which the "attic floor" is just a work area: Desk, chair, wardrobe. In the bottom bunk is the bed. This option to please parents who think top tier threat for the sleeping couch.

Children's platform bed with working area – solid solution for large rooms

We note immediately – a platform bed is not suitable for small rooms, and so little space. In fact, the podium is the elevated space, which can be located not only bed but also a Desk, bedside tables, shelves. In this embodiment, all functions of the recreation area and working area performs the second floor.

The first floor, if you can call it that, is often completely filled with all sorts of cabinets and drawers in which the child can store all your wardrobe. The internal volume of the podium, as a rule, very roomy. If on the podium is no place for a desktop, tabletop can move sideways or be a monolithic part of the design.

Two in one – a bed and a cupboard

To design did not seem too bulky, interior designers propose to fulfill her speed – at one stage you can position the Desk on the second bed. Step under the bed can be so high that in easily will accommodate a full dressing room.

If you have two or more children, podium bed is not the best option. However, in a large room to the podium you can add more classic version of the bed-loft. This will allow you to divide the space into several zones, which can peacefully coexist with your child.

Bed design with workspace – choose with care

The bed in the interior – one of the Central elements, which are guided in the selection of the other items. What can we say then about the bed with "attic", which occupies almost the entire wall? It will be the dominant moments in the interior.

In a small room, you should get rid of all kinds of shelves and cabinets that are here and there placed along the perimeter. If you have decided on with with "attic", then you need to be consistent – choose the most spacious bed that combines the functions and bed and wardrobe. Otherwise your room will look cluttered and uncomfortable.

Light furniture makes it look smaller

The wall, which will be adjacent the bed, the best paint in a contrasting color to highlight the area – children, especially teenagers, are very scrupulous in matters of personal space, and in the absence of walls it is the zoning will allow to create at least the appearance of freedom in the area of your child.

If you've chosen a product of natural wood, it is logical not to hide the texture of the rocks under a layer of paint. Natural wood will fit perfectly into any interior, whether modern or high-tech. The only question is the form – if the room is decorated in a more modern directions, the product is better to choose with a straight, concise lines. But in modern or classic fit interesting curves and carvings, floral motifs.

Metal and cheaper materials like MDF perfectly fit into modern interiors. Their advantage is that the appearance of these beds can change according to your desire – with the help of adhesive tape or spray paint. The price of this furniture is significantly lower, besides, you can save, gathering the bed with their hands – a detailed instruction, usually attached to the purchase.

Inexpensive and functional!

Youth bed with a work area, in addition to greater functionality, and is also different in design. Give the teenager a place to be creative – he can dye his bed, or to choose from the options. Most often it is plain furniture in white, beige, red or blue colours. published like, share with FRIENDS! - Subscribe -

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