A soothing bedroom: 4 design options

Bedroom a place for relaxation and recreation. Will it bring the desired result? It depends on how it is framed from the point of view of design.

Let's look at some good bedrooms that seem designed for relaxation, and analyze what makes them so.


As neutral as possible

To relax, you first need to remove all the irritants. In the bedroom pictured with the task of running color and a minimum of decor: neutral shades of beige have a beneficial effect on the psyche and warm, and the combination of lighter and darker shades and puts the necessary accents to the interior is not merged into a continuous blur. Boredom here fighting the pattern on the wall (instead of it can be just a Wallpaper with a pattern) and the chandelier is the original form — on them and a couple of picture frames room decor ends.

Another condition of proper preparation for sleep is light. If the room is not lit, the body begins producing the hormone melatonin, which facilitates sleep onset, and sleep becomes more strong and high quality.

Warm dim light of the bedside lamps create the right atmosphere of the bedtime routine, and the combination of blinds and curtains will protect from the light from the window during sleep.

A window seat is also "working" on this room: everyone needs at least some privacy and personal space, to relieve stress. Here you can cozy up with a book or just look out the window and dream, cut off by a curtain.

Recipe of bedrooms: neutrality + correct the light + space.


Winning personality

Bedroom does not have to be designed in neutral tones, to have a rest. Moreover, psychologists have an opposite opinion: we rest better in the situation that we really love.

In linen with a bright floral ornament easy to fall in love: it elevates mood, and sleep in a good mood is always more pleasant. The same can be said about the accent wall in polka dots, which looks stylish and provocatively. Perhaps such experimentation is more typical for youth bedrooms, but if the soul asks, do not deny yourself desired at any age.

Blue and turquoise color, basic in the interior, are cold tones, it calms the mind. Despite the fact that blue wall is quite saturated (which is not very good for the bedroom), they do not chip away the entire interior thanks to big Windows and white color of the furniture and the floor. If you want blue in the bedroom, it is better to paint only one wall or even part or choose a more muted shade.

The special charm of this bedroom adds a lot of sentimental items, especially photographs. Photos of family, friends and nice moments give you the feeling of confidence and protection, to sleep with such moral support is much easier.

Recipe of bedrooms: personality + color balance + commemorative photo.


Elusive sensations

In this bedroom is nice and asleep, and Wake up: interior of all rumors of different textures that create a variety of tactile sensations. The biggest effect here — from fabrics: one bed, three blankets, and covers for pillows, rugs and, of course, curtains. Tactile sensations relieve stress and help you focus on the bodily and stripped myself of obsessive thoughts and deeds of the day. In the morning put your feet on a fluffy rug also pleasant and helpful: it is easier to Wake up.

About neutral tones we have already said, here it is even softer than the first photo. The lack of color accents kompensiruet textures of the fabric and ornaments of the headboard and the doors of the fireplace, making the interior quite complex and interesting to read.

The bedroom in this photo, a lot of plants. They refresh the room and is saturated with oxygen, not to mention the psychological effect of the presence of greenery. Certain types of houseplants have additional useful properties: for example, neutralize toxic substances and fight germs.

Recipe of the bedrooms: many textile + accents for invoices + plants.



If the bedroom is only to sleep there, why it superfluous furniture and decor? In this photo only the necessary minimum: a bed on the floor, a couple of posters, a rug, no tables, but looks like the interior is still comfortable. Most importantly, it helps to create a feeling of freedom and air, and when nothing is pressed, to relax more easily.

Color palette is also simple. The contrast of black and white is a proven technique: the eye rests, and monochrome always looks stylish.


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In this photo you should pay attention to another condition a good night's sleep: quality bed linen. Natural linen is ideal for summer: it not only allows the skin to breathe, but also pleasant to the touch.

Recipe of bedrooms: minimalism + monochrome + quality linen.


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