Scandinavian design for a country house

A big beautiful house, 335 meters, is located in Sweden. One of its appearance is a delight, and the interior design inside the house is simply mesmerizing. Here every small detail, all parts in harmony with each other.


The interior design of the house is made in a classic color combination – black and white. Snowy white color that dominates the decor, elegantly set off by splashes of black. This palette never goes out of fashion.

In the dining room and living room made of Windows, of which a magnificent view of the courtyard. The rooms are spacious, not cluttered with unnecessary furniture. The house has many Windows that allow the interior light and fresh air.

Besides, to maintain a feeling of weightlessness, the interior design uses a lot of glass pieces of furniture and décor, and is made of transparent plastic or have a glossy surface. Passing through a light, transparent furniture takes up valuable space. The light reflecting from the gloss, visual visually expands the horizons of rooms.

One large room houses the living room and dining room. The zoning was due to the door to the room. In the spacious dining room is Central dining table with glass top. Modern plastic chairs complement the composition.

Near the wall stood high table, black. It effectively stands out against the white walls. The walls are decorated with pictures in an unobtrusive part of the black color. On the windowsill took place the flower in a dark flowerpot.

Original massive chandelier perfectly blends into the interior design of the dining room. In the living room plenty of space for rest and relaxation. Floor decorate carpet, which is by itself gathered to the composition of the furniture. There are a large sofa, Ottoman, interesting design armchair and a coffee table.

The kitchen is small but incredibly cozy. The interior design is interesting due to the combination of modern furniture and kitchen equipment, work apron made of brick and wood floor. The work triangle is very convenient for the hostess – here all items are located close to each other, but the kitchen is not cramped.

Efficiently use even the corners – rotating shelves allow you to store a lot of utensils or food, and provide their location. Well-positioned table and chairs. Hanging shelves with a closed facade is suspended directly under the ceiling, thus solved the problem of storing kitchen utensils, which are rarely used.

From the kitchen there is access to the terrace. It is cozy, with a cobbled floor boards, beautiful garden furniture.

Work area – comfortable, not crowded with extra furniture. Home office in Scandinavian style are sturdy Desk made of solid wood and beautiful chair. Beautiful crystal stand for stationery with Golden touch gives the workplace elegance.

Bedrooms are also spacious and bright. Textiles in interior design brings the comfort of home.

The house has several bathrooms and toilets. Interesting combination of dark antique tiles and white sanitary ware.

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In the interior of the house has a wine room and a billiard room with a bar made out of wood.

Original fireplace with live fire gives warmth and mesmerizing.published




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