Manual for the child: WHAT to DO if you're lost

One of the worst for parents of situations – losing a child. Unfortunately, in a big city or forest is a very real threat. But it is not so terrible if you and the child know exactly what in that case to do.

Volunteers from search and rescue unit "Lisa Alert" faced with hundreds of cases, when lost children, and on their prevention activities with the children they teach children the vital behaviours that need to know all the children.

First and most importantly, the child needs to memorize his name, my mother's (and preferably more, dad's or someone else's) phone number and your address. From time to time to check it – start a "ponaroshechnomu" exam or have him call you from a landline phone at your request – he will love this game. Another room that the child needs to know is 112.

What to do in the city Discuss with the child different situations and learn in each of them the correct sequence of actions, and run through all possible situations, what would you do if:

  • lost on the street, in the store,
  • leave one on the bus
  • if I have one I leave on the bus
  • if you go to subway,
  • if I go to subway
  • what are you doing in the woods?

In each of these cases, there are General rules and there are those that relate directly to this situation. Two General rules:

  • the first is to remain in place when you realized that you were lost (in the store, the library, on the street), not to go and look for yourself parents;
  • second – know who to contact for help if you're lost.

Answer: only three people:

  • to the nearest employee of this place, a man in uniform – seller in the store, the security guard on duty at the station, the seller nearest stall, if it happened on the street,
  • to the nearest police,
  • to the nearest person with a child, preferably a woman.

Another General rule – competent sequence of actions: in any situation, realizing that you're lost, we must first stop, then look around – suddenly the mom next, and then a loud call out to her.

Some children are too shy to shout in a public place, because first we teach them not to make noise, and then expect them to call – it's quite another matter! Explain to him that this is the case, when possible and necessary. Practice in the woods, a shout together.

In transport has slightly different rules: if the child left on the bus or subway, and you were at the bus stop, he should know exactly what he needs to alight at the next station and staying on the platform or at the bus stop, to wait – you will come to him the first transport. If the opposite happened and left you, then here is the first and foremost rule lost: stay put.

How to ask for help an unknown adult? If it's a COP, of course, he will question, called the number mom, dad or someone from the family, you can trust him, it's his job to help children in such situations.

But if it's someone else, you have to be careful. If the number of the mother, this man has gained from the words of the child (not every adult will give descent to a child a phone in hand), when he will give up, I must say: "Mother password". And your child task is to come up with a password, so that the child could understand exactly what it is you. It will be useful, if suddenly (God forbid of course) you'll call when baby's not around, and childish voice say into the phone: "Mom, it's me! I have trouble (a lot of options), immediately list of money there and then", and then you will say, "Son (daughter), password".

It is very important to teach the child that if he turned to a stranger adult, he still needs to stay in place, what would the adult not offered. It is not necessary that the person to whom the child asked for help, invited him to go somewhere from some criminal reasons – it may well be that he is genuinely ready to run with your child around the Mall and look for you. However, your child on any proposal needs to answer: "No, I'll stand here and wait for mom". If he could reach you, he should be able to describe the place where he is the name of the store, bus stop, station, what is nearby, and stay at this place he would be offered.


What to do in the woods

The most important thing in the case of the forest – the child must be properly assembled there. If he already has your mobile phone, it is almost a guarantee that you with him will quickly find each other. However, warn him that if he lost, this does not mean that you have to sit down and play on your phone: a phone is a chance that it will quickly find, so the charge should be protected. Phones that you go to the forest, needs to be fully charged, no harm will spare charged battery and the wire from it.

The second child must be dressed in bright clothes. The same applies to adults: if you go for a walk, pick mushrooms, ride a bike and so on, please do not wear colorless clothes or camouflage. This complicates the search in the forest, especially of the person lying. In the pocket is to put something bright, for example, handkerchief. It can be hung on a branch, if the forest will have to spend the night. The handkerchief can be replaced with a sock or panty — the main thing is that the fabric was not dark. That guide will help adults faster to notice the whereabouts of the baby.

Third, the child must be a loud and shrill whistle. (This item I'm sure he will especially enjoy.) Explain to him that you need a whistle in case he gets lost. The whistle resounds much farther than a human cry. If you long to shout, the voice will sit down, and when the child hears his name, he will not be able to respond, and the whistle always sounds loud and audible.

The fourth and very important – the child must be a bottle of water, and not to be it immediately by logging in to the woods to drink. The trouble is that 14 of the 15 people killed in the natural environment children find the drowned. To prevent the need to get closer to the water, give him water.

The fifth – boy in your pocket a bar of chocolate, too, "just in case". It is ginormous and well sustaining snack for him to eat on the way out of the woods.

And again we recall the algorithm of actions. Explain to your child that his first act in the forest, if he got lost, same as in town: to remain at the place where he realized that he had lost. The next step is to shout or blow the whistle (no whistle, you can knock a stick on a tree) and to listen, if not respond.

It is very important to explain to the child that he never, for anything, for any reason does not go near the water – even if it's hot, even if you want to drink, even if he is a good swimmer, even if it seems that the river – road, even if you lost two children and one of them started to sink, as it is awful (unfortunately, not so rare pair of missing children, when one began to sink, the second tried to save and also went under water). If there is no adult, approach to the pond impossible, period.

And another rule – in the woods you can't sleep. A child's dream is very sturdy, and if the child is asleep, to get an answer to it would be almost impossible. Explain that once you understand that he lost you, your friends, relatives, neighbors and a bunch of strangers, will look for him to call, and he will have to listen, to respond, when he hears his name. Therefore, if he caught the night in the forest, it is necessary to choose a dry place and there to sing, tell poetry, to repeat the multiplication table, walk around, counting the steps, anything, but not to sleep.

In order not to unnecessarily frighten the child, explain to him that "mysterious" night sounds in the woods is usually birds (especially owls often), small animals; that animals will not attack just like that, but if you are scared, need to make noise, stomp, clap, banging a stick on the tree to chase the forest dwellers. The most dangerous animals in the current forest is foxes and hedgehogs. They carry rabies. Therefore to touch any of the animals impossible. Even small and harmless. Even – and especially! animal cubs.

And, of course, the child should know that no mushrooms and berries in the forest is impossible – he will find before he has time to seriously hungry.

And something else very important: explain to him that getting lost any person, including an adult, and if that happens, then no one to blame it will not: children who are in the wood, sometimes not respond to the cry because of the fear of punishment. And explain that in the woods rule "to refer to a person in uniform, a worker or a woman with a child" does not work – in the woods you will help any adult met – and perhaps it is you and looking for.


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Necessarily in the form of a game repeat with a child when he lost in a particular place, to make sure he remembers sequence of actions. This can be done on the dolls, the toys can be repeated on the street: "what are you going to do if I'm going back to the bus, and you don't have time?", "And if we accidentally go in the Park in different directions, what will you do?". Let it organize the exam to another child, grandma, grandpa. And remember that he forgets the rules and algorithms, so they need again and again to refresh your memory.published


Author: Ksenia Knorre Dmitrieva




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