To the child is not lost: 30 safety rules

Every 10 minutes a child is lost in Russia. This is a terrible statistic, but it is important to remember that our security - in our hands. Let us not complain about destiny and become familiar with the safety regulations of the child, and then apply all the points in practice. < Website publishes tips and tricks that will teach parents and children to avoid such situations, as well as to find one other in case to avoid such a situation could not be collected by the magazine


What is necessary to think in advance and to teach the child Your name, age, address - this is what your children need to know The child in the inside pocket of clothing should always be your business card (. business card can replace a simple piece of paper). It is necessary to specify not only the phone numbers of his parents, and the home address and contact information of your friends (additional phone numbers to help get through, even if your phone is not available). If a child has a medical condition, these data also stands to make on the card. < Teach your child to use a cell. For the little ones fit phones with a limited number of buttons (each of which corresponds to the number of a loved one). Important: The phone helps determine the location of the child. (Editorial - this Council has a serious drawback: although a direct link between cell phones and brain cancer has not been proven due to a too short time of using mobile phones in general, but many health experts now advise not to give their children mobile phones in active use 12 years). < Check your address book. It should be educators phones (teachers), friends and parents of your child's friends. Next time - make a list of volunteer organizations that are engaged in the search for the children in your town. Unlike the police, the volunteers are able to organize a search immediately after your call. Find the phone the Registrar of accidents. This unit is specially created for the rapid collection of information on the city and the citizens of the answer, looking for their missing relatives. Spend a couple of minutes to ring up those numbers in advance and check whether they are active or not. < Play the quest talk to the child, what he would do if lost in the city From the answers you can understand how a child is ready for an emergency.. Ask him if he knows what to do if you razminetes in transport? How should you proceed if a child in the street will try to take away by force? Try instead monosyllabic tips, what to do in any given situation, explain to the child why it should do so. If the child is very small, the situation can play out based on fairy tales. < lost, the children are very much afraid that you will yell at them. Therefore, a child can be very easy to forget that he needs to do in a difficult situation. When you teach a child how to do it, constantly emphasizes the fact that you are in any case will not blame him. < The easiest rule adults remember from my childhood, "Stay where you are». It is also necessary to teach and children. So it will be easier to find each other if you razminetes in a shop or museum. < What should teach a child if it is very small Oddly enough, kids instinctively comes the most correct way: the lost child psychologists advise to sit on the floor and start to call their parents. In fact, that's what children do. Parents should teach the child one more thing. Explain to your child that if it is suitable to a stranger and tries to lead somewhere, a child must be very loud to repeat the following words: "You're a stranger, I do not know you! It's not my dad (This is not my mother!) Help!". Only in this case, the child will draw the attention of passers-by (otherwise write off all strangers to a family scene). GorodOdevayte child in bright colors. If all outerwear dark, even if only a cap or scarf will be bright. If you get lost in the crowd, it will be easier to find each other. Let your garments colors will also be released. Keep your child's hand only. If a child keeps you up the skirt of the jacket, the sleeve, it will be easier to get lost. Making his way to the right place for you in a crowd, keep the child in front of him. When you have reached your destination (whether it is a shop, museum and so on. D.), Look around and designate child a place where you will meet if gets going. Take a picture of a child on the phone before you leave home. As soon as his shot passers-by will remember and will help to quickly find it. If a child lost in a big shopping store tsentreObratites in advance. With video and handsfree find the child will be easier. In announcing on the radio that you are looking for your child, make appointments, or at pre-determined locations, or at the most perceptible (as an option - a meeting at the box office). No appointments at the information desk, alone it is difficult to find even an adult. As long as the shop inside the administration was seeking, you'd better go out and look for it there. If a child is missing in gorodeObzvonite relatives, friends of the child (and their parents). Go volunteer organizations to find the children and organize interaction with them. In the nearest ATS write a statement about the disappearance of a person. Remember to take it obliged immediately, but not on the third day! If you have heard a similar call in 02. Do not forget after the submission of the application to take the ticket of the registration application in the accounting statements of the book. Print flyers with photos, description and clothing will take the missing child and your contact phone number. Pasted leaflets should, if possible, throughout the city, but especially in the area of ​​the alleged disappearance. If a child is lost on the way to / from school, the best place for display - child route (all the pillars, stop shops). Organize search. Coberite friends, acquaintances and relatives. Divide into two or three groups and assign search areas. You go in the entrances, stores, construction sites. Stop the passers-by and asked them about your child. The best option - to coordinate their actions with volunteers (they can organize the search for better). Put in the social. networks to advertise the loss. Be sure to include a number of signs with a photo of the child and a description of his clothing. Under the declaration should be two contact phone. Actions for granitseyHranite hotel business card in the child's pocket. If a child is lost during an excursion, immediately contact the head of the tourist group. Contact your local police department. Immediately get off at the embassy or consulate of your country. Actions in poezdeRasskazhite of the missing child conductor. Demand that the conductor contacted the head of the train and reported the incident. Check the whole car, and office space. Demand that the chief of the train contacted the staff left behind stations. What to tell your child when you found each drugaEsli you notice your child, do not call it, try not to lose sight of it and begin to move toward him. The room is noisy. Mother's cry can be heard quite a child on the other side, and he can run to the opposite side from you. When you have found each other, in any case, do not scold him. Perhaps, as he spent time learning toys, he did not even notice his own loss.

If a child is frightened, hug him. Settle down with your child: Look into each other's eyes, breathe together. If the child can not calm down, help them talk about their feelings. To do this, become the conductor of his feelings. Explain that you are too scared, but then the two of you did everything right, you found each other.

House in tranquil surroundings, disassemble the situation again. Praise the child if he did as he was advised to you (will not waste your dialed phone number, I asked for help to the seller, and not a stranger). If the child did exactly the opposite, again disassemble cases

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