Every inhabitant of our house, where she was, and I knew how ugly was ugly our local cat.

Ugly loved three things in this world: the struggle for survival, eating "what podvernёtsya" and, well, love. The combination of these things plus homeless living in our yard, left on the body Ugly indelible marks.
Ugly cat had only one eye. With the same hand and the ear was missing, and his left leg was once broken and fused under some incredible angle, thereby giving the impression that the cat all the time is going to turn the corner. His tail was missing for a long time. There was only a small stub, which is constantly twitching. And if it were not a lot of scars covering her head and shoulders, even ugly, it can be called a dark gray tabby.

Anyone ever peeking at it, there is one and the same reaction: "What a ugly cat!". All children were strictly forbidden to touch it. Adults throwing him bottles and stones to drive away away and hosed when he tried to enter the house, or pinched his paw the door, so he could not get out.

Surprisingly, Ugly always showed the same reaction. If he hosed - he dutifully IOC until the torturer did not bother the fun. If he threw something - he rubbed on his feet, as if asking forgiveness. When he saw the children, he ran headlong into them and rubbed his hands on his head and purred loudly, begging for affection. If someone still took him in his arms, he immediately starts sucking Area blouses, buttons or anything else, how could reach.

However, once an ugly neighborhood dogs attacked. From my window, I heard the barking of dogs, his cries for help and the command "Bite!" Owners of dogs, and immediately rushed to help. When I ran to him, ugly cat was badly bitten, covered in blood and almost dead. He lay curled up, shivering with fear and pain. His back and legs, the back part of the body completely lost its original shape. His sad life coming to an end. Trace of tears crossed his forehead.

As I carried him home, he wheezed and gasped. I ran home and carried him the most feared hurt him even more. He, meanwhile, was trying to suck my ear.

I stopped and, choking with tears, hugged him to her. Ivory touched his head on the palm of my hand, his golden eyes turned in my direction, and I heard ... purr! Even experiencing such terrible pain, the cat asked for one thing - a drop of love! Perhaps a drop of compassion ... and at that moment I thought that I was dealing with the most loving being of all the people I have met in my life. The most loving and the most-beautiful. He just looked at me, confident that I would be able to mitigate his pain.

Ugly died in my arms before I had time to get home and I sat a long time at his door, holding it in her lap.

Later, I thought a lot about how one poor cripple was able to change my ideas about what true purity of spirit, faithful and boundless love. So it really was. Ugly told me about compassion than a thousand books, lectures or conversations. And I will always be grateful to him. His body was mutilated, and I had scratched the soul. It's time for me to learn to love truly and deeply. Giving love his neighbor without a trace.


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