The most brutal killer of women (10 photos)

In the course of the 10 most wanted criminals of the planet and the most brutal women of the world.
Intentional killing of a terrible crime that has no justification, and if it is a crime committed by women, it is doubly terrible.

Figures of our list is not committed one murder.

1. Bella Sorenson Guinness (Black Widow)
Victims: 42

This woman is a serial killer, killing for pleasure and greed. For the sake of profit it killed 42 people. She was born in Norway and then moved to the US, where she married a businessman from Chicago. Some historians believe that Bella had poisoned her two daughters to get insurance. Her children have died with symptoms of colitis, but these symptoms are much like poisoning. Later, her husband was killed under mysterious circumstances from the drugs that had been treated and again, for the death of her husband,

Bell received the money from the insurance company. On the proceeds Bella bought a farm, and relatives of the husband suspected something was wrong, and accused her husband's untimely death. Soon the "Black Widow" has set the case for a stream by love letters and ads she lured to her middle-aged men, but with all of them occurred accidents. She easily managed to lure men into her bed, and they had no idea that behind the mask of a sweet woman hiding a cold-blooded killer. It was learned that she had buried her husband 42 and has accumulated more than a quarter million dollars. Ended his life, "Black Widow" is also tragic, her body was found decapitated in a forest and burned. However, evil tongues say that the found body belongs to the "Black Widow".


2. Jane Toppan
Victims: 31

The second nurse in our list, which attacked the sick and infirm, this thick, restless woman was the product of a troubled childhood. The daughter of an insane father, Jane grew up in Boston in a children's home after he refused to care for her. Poverty and several foster parents only exacerbated her anger. During her studies, her professors noted an unhealthy interest in photography with autopsies. Despite this behavior, she finished education and started to take care of patients who are pleasant and it was called "Merry JaneĀ».

This nurse getting sexual pleasure from drug administration to patients and bringing them to the brink of death. Often, she took on the care of a large number of patients, it touched them experiencing sexual arousal, when they were unconscious. Toppan began its cruel experiments and murder in 1885, until it was eventually arrested and convicted of 11 murders. While in custody, she confessed that killed 31 people. "Merry Jane" has not been found guilty by reason of insanity, and post-conviction lived all his life in a madhouse.


3. Countess Elizabeth Bathory
Victims: Unknown

Notorious already familiar to us,.
Known as the "bloody countess", this capricious woman bathed in the blood of young women who are its victims. She thought that the use of blood can save her young and improve the complexion. Countess abuse their power bringing poor people to death. Its crimes were noted elements of sadism and sexual pleasure. Countess of other women forced to lick the blood off naked bodies of the victims. Her love for her blood tagging to really living vampires. Bathory lured the most beautiful girls from his village to his dungeon, promising them jobs in his castle. Her husband, Ferenc Nadasdy was complicit in its many crimes. He gave her castle, she used a wedding gift to torture their victims.


4. Rosemary West
Victims: 10 (possibly more)

The notorious colleague Fred, Rosemary (also known as the Rose) was very dangerous, the very embodiment of evil and soulless. Fred and Rosemary enjoyed the confidence of young people on the street and invited to his home, promising food, shelter and compassion. The fate that awaited these unfortunate girls and young women was really terrible. Rosemary, the mother of eight children, was a prostitute and depraved sexual sadist, who enjoy inflicting pain. Together with her husband, she made ten murders, including the killing of their own child, a daughter named Heather. Rosemary was also found guilty of murdering his step-daughter Michelle. Many other victims may also have been killed and injured by this pair, as Fred made it clear that more than 20 missing girls could have killed them.


5. Aileen Wuornos
Victims: 8

A terrible childhood characterized incest, crippled soul of the young Eileen Wuornos, which accumulated more anger against society, and men every year. Early sexual experience had a negative impact on the girl, who became pregnant at age 13 and at age 15 she was expelled from the house of his grandfather.

It was attended by all the signs of antisocial personality disorder, Eileen violated the law, looted shops with weapons, and even married a 70-year-old man who raped her physically. As a result, the elderly husband left her.

Eventually she found a lesbian love on behalf of Tyria, she worked as a prostitute to earn a living for both of them. Work on the road, selling her body was dangerous. And one day, Eileen killed a man. Eileen swore that she was brutally raped and killed a rapist in self-defense. Soon, however, she had killed seven people in Florida.


6. Andrea Yates
Victims: 5

Sometimes, severe mental illness can play a role in the crimes. In schizophrenia, the killer hear his voice and follow the instructions that it gives. In the case of Andrea Yates, who murdered her five children by drowning them in the bathroom, there were many signals of serious mental illness. Of all the women on this list, it is most probably clinically insane. Andrea Yates had not been diagnosed with schizophrenia, but she had a serious mental illness, including suicide attempts and severe postpartum depression. The birth of a large number of children with short interval was sufficient to plunge the fragile woman in the gulf. Her husband, the minister wanted to have many children with his wife. He later blamed for the tragedy of the psychiatrist Andrea, saying it made him realize the seriousness of her condition. Unfortunately, one day she decided to kill their children to stay alone. Within an hour, Andrea methodically drowned her five children, one by one. After committing the crime, she called 911 and confessed everything. According to an interview with her after the crime, she confessed that she wanted to kill the children because they were not "righteous." Andrea felt her own sins prevented her children grow out of good Christians. In her view, the deprivation of life of children have seen it, the best solution.


7. Beverley Allitt
Victims: 4

This serial killer Englishwoman by birth. Beverley Allitt was a nurse who abuse their position in order to meet their own dark desires. Innocent children have been the object of attacks Alitt which it is injected with potassium chloride or insulin to induce cardiac arrest. Like many other serial killers, the need for the woman to the murder was growing fast. In a short time she committed the violence over 13 children from her room, killing four of them. All of this occurred within two weeks. Her prey had children under the age of seven weeks to five years. Psychiatrists who examined Alitt after his arrest concluded that she suffered from a mental health disorder known as Munchausen syndrome. Today, Alitt left for 13 years of a life sentence for Rampton Maximum Security, which housed the criminally insane. Families of children, in which it ubyla children, threatened to kill her if she ever would be released.


8. Karla Homolka (pictured right)
Victims: 3

Canadian sex killer Karla Homolka, showed no mercy to the young girls, who are in prison at her house. After her arrest, she gave testimony that helped convict her for the crimes she committed. But videotapes discovered later opened another picture of crime and Karl was also convicted. Today, Charles is still playing the victim, putting all the responsibility for the terrible crimes of her husband. However, psychologists say that it has a deviation that could provoke crime. An interesting fact is that Charles, after the death of his sister, complained in a letter to a friend that her wedding might have to be postponed because of the tragedy.


9. Susan Smith
Victims: 2

Susan Smith was suffering from a personality disorder, because of which she had killed her sons, Michael and Alexis. Unhappy childhood sexual abuse and incest, may serve as a catalyst for many narcissistic illusion of the woman. She claimed that as a child were sexual relations with her own stepfather and his mother became against it when the connection is opened.

She was sentenced to 30 years. But in prison, Susan had a sexual relationship with two prison guards, one of whom has infected her STDs.


10. Diane Downs
Victims: 1

Diane Downs appeared in court in 1984 on charges of causing grievous bodily harm three children, one of whom died. Diane Downs, prefer their love for a man - the children. When her lover, Lew, made it clear that the life of a child is not in his plans, she began to methodically destroy their children. One dark night, she decided to take the lives of their own children. Park the car on a deserted stretch of road, Diane Downs, using a revolver coolly he killed Cheryl, my 7 year old daughter and then shot the other children Christie and Danny, but they survived. Her eldest daughter, Kristen, who was eight years old and 3-year-old Danny survived, Danny, was paralyzed from the waist down after a shot at it, and his daughter Kristy suffered serious injuries - paralysis of one side of his body, the failure of speech. In court, Christie was able to explain to the judge and jury that her mother did. Diane Downs now spends his days in prison - where she was known for sensational and sexual exchange of letters with a serial rapist and killer Randy Woodfield.

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