The worst women in the world (10 photos)

Continuing the theme of the 10 most wanted criminals of the planet

10. Queen Mary I, 1516-1558

The daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife, went down in history as the monarch of England, is trying to return to the bosom of the Roman Catholic Church after her father, a quarrel with the Pope, he declared himself head of the new Church of England. The restoration took place against a background of violent killings of Protestants, persecution and murder of the innocent population of what is popularly called the Queen Mary Bloody. Under this name she made history.


9. Myra Hindley, 1942-2002

Serial killers, along with his accomplice Ian Bryan earned the nickname "English Bonnie and Clyde." For several years, the criminals kidnapped, raped and tortured to death five minors aged from 10 to 17 years. The bodies of the victims of the police later found in the marshes near Manchester. To the dismay and disgust of the whole country turned out that the latter-day Bonnie and Clyde did record photos and "history", perpetuating their crimes. He received a life sentence (death penalty abolished in England in just a couple of months of arrest criminal), nor Hindley, nor Brian did not repent of their deeds. On the day of announcement of the verdict Myra calmly ate ice cream while waiting for the meeting. British court ruled that criminals do not have the right to commit suicide, so the beginning of the hunger strike were force-feed Brian began by introducing saline. Myra Hindley died in prison hospital of a heart attack, freeing themselves from further detention and the world - from the terrible criminals.


8. Isabella of Castile, 1451-1504

Isabella of Castile and her husband Ferdinand of Aragon were at the origins of Spain and union formation of a strong state: dynastic marriage led to the union and the union of Castile and Aragon into one kingdom - Spain. The Queen is also known for his patronage of the famous traveler Christopher Columbus. Famous for his cruelty to non-Catholics: a passionate and devout Catholic, she has appointed Thomas Torquemada Grand Inquisitor first infamous Spanish Inquisition, and marked the beginning of the era of religious cleansing. The Inquisition persecuted heretics, Moors, Marranos, Moriscos. When Isabella of Castile Spain has left most of the Jews and Arabs - about 200 thousand. People, and the remaining were forced to accept Christianity, which, however, rarely converts saved from death at the stake.


7. Beverly Ellit, p. 1968

British nurse the children's department, nicknamed the "Angel of Death", in 1991, killed four young hospital patients and brought serious harm to the health of another five. Serial killer introduced children to insulin or potassium to cause a severe heart attack and simulate natural death. The motives of the crime is still not known.


6. Bell Hannes, 1859-1931

American of Norwegian origin became the most famous woman-killer in US history. Both killed their husbands, daughters of their own, a few admirers and lovers. The main goal - to provide payments for life insurance. For several decades, Hannes has killed about 30 people.


5. Mary Ann Cotton, 1832-1873

He was poisoned with arsenic about 20 people. The police became interested in it when it was found out that all her closest relatives are not only constantly dying, but dying from the same disease - stomach cramps. Throughout his life a criminal killed several husbands, their children, and even his own mother. The executioner, who led her hanging, deliberately extended her torment, "forgetting" to beat out from under the feet of the condemned stool.


4. Elsa Koch, 1906-1967

Elsa Koch, better known as the "witch Buchenwald", was the wife of the commandant of a concentration camp. Tortured prisoners, beat them whip, mocked and killed. After not left a terrible collection: pieces of human skin with tattoos. He committed suicide in prison in 1967.


3. Irma Grizz, 1923-1945

One of the most violent female wardens of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Torturing prisoners, she resorted to both physical and psychological violence, women beaten to death and have fun shooting at prisoners. She starved her dogs, then to incite them to the victims, and personally took away hundreds of people to the gas chambers. Dreaming wore heavy boots, with her always, in addition to the gun, was braided whip. He was sentenced to death by hanging.


2. Katherine Knight, p. 1956

The first ever Australian woman sentenced to life imprisonment. In October 2001, she was at a family quarrel scored his roommate with a knife for cutting meat, and then abused the dead body so that Chikatilo, must be sick.


1. Elizabeth Bathory, 1560-1614

Hungarian countess, better known as Bloody lady. Tortured and killed the servants and peasants: brutally beat them, burned his hands, face and other parts of the body with a hot iron, remove the skin from the victims were still alive, starved, taunted and raped. In 1610, he was placed under house arrest on charges of murder, heresy and witchcraft. In the course of the servants of the castle could not tell the exact number of victims of sadistic: approximate countess find themselves in the dock, talking about four - five killed dozens, other servants claimed that they brought hundreds of corpses. Bathory died a natural death in 1614, but her name was soon overgrown with legends, no less ominous than about Dracula.





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