Top female characters in computer games (11 photos)

For the history of computer video games, we managed to see many colorful female characters, among which, no doubt, you can select the best. So I present to you the top personal best female characters in games in recent years. Twenty-year girl, who from infancy has been concluded in the heavenly city - Colombia. Booker DeWitt, the protagonist of BioShock Infinite, is assigned to free her and bring to New York. Her guards Nightingale - a monstrous, winged creature that has become her only friend.

Sharp wit, sharp tongue and a sharp kitchen knife in his hand. Mad as a March hare hundred. One has only to look at her huge green eyes, as it becomes clear that Alice is better not to argue. During his life in the parallel reality he managed to double "to make" the entire population of Wonderland. During this time she was a girl, but left with him a difficult character. When Alice is angry (angry and it does not cost anything), it is transformed into a walking disaster. And so it is - a nice girl. Deep down. Somewhere very deep ...

Snub-nosed blonde and loyal friend of Drake, a journalist and archaeologist. It accompanies the protagonist of almost all the adventures. Even when he does not want. Beauty Elena - that's the beauty pretty modest girl from next door. Disheveled tail, at least cosmetics, modest clothing - a sort of Indiana Jones in a skirt. More precisely, in jeans. Passionately interested in archeology, quickly learns to shoot, well versed in the ancient puzzle knows Tibetan and Arabic.

Intelligent, direct, naive girl. And anything that is on the mind of her tentacles, and the skin blue. But can an affair with a representative of either sex and any galactic race. Liara itself belongs to the race Azarov. As there the standards it is very young - only 106 human years. The famous scientist, an expert on Ancient technology. Teamwork moved close to her with the hero of the galaxy Shepard. In addition, Liara - strong biotic, easy to play with energy, and fusion of minds available to it - the top union of the two sentient beings in one.

Born in Milan in 1463. Countess of Forli and Imola, a friend of the protagonist Ezio series. The gentle and innocent Countess good fighter in the case, a skilled diplomat and political cunning master of weaving intrigue. Like almost all the characters of the series, Katerina is a real historical prototype. Vsamdelishny Caterina Sforza had three men, two of whom were killed, and she cruelly avenge their deaths. The game itself Katerina killed one of the men behind the disappointment in bed. Intrigues, however, has not helped her and her all-powerful Borgia entered into the fortress Sant'Angelo, just like in real life.

Once the usual red-haired, green-eyed and beautiful, slender young woman, devoted to the future Emperor Mengsk, was captured by the Zerg. Whence came the Queen of Blades: wings, skeletons, green skin, glowing eyes. Clever, cunning, calculating, brutal - and slightly sentimental. At the end of the game story loves Sarah, in spite of everything, Jim Raynor helped restore her human form. Instead of hair, however, have remained tentacles. But when she says "I have Roy" - the skin thick wave of goose bumps run. Queen!

Femme Fatale, sultry brunette cool superspy. It works on several secret organizations. Past covered with darkness. American with Chinese roots. Her working clothes - a spectacular red dress with oriental ornaments. Under that these legs! No problem is managed with any weapon, tucked under the arm. It is easy to help and just as easily betray, but so skillfully that still cause admiration. According to legend, Ada was born in 1974. How many women in her age look like it? Or, at least, would risk to wear a dress?

Witch. Just a witch. Mysterious and attractive, like all wild witch of Dragon Age. Add to this the light clothing does not restrict movement, stunning sexy voice, look, piercing to the bone. Wild flower, long time growers of the wilderness, where there are almost no people. But try to reach out to frustrate - certainly naporeshsya on spikes. Yes, and my mother had Morrigan - natural witch! Hence, appropriate education. The girl did not cynical by years, loves the bad guys. Is angry it is not recommended to anyone - it is transformed into a spider and begins to slaughter.

The only magichka, survived the battle magicians, after which it was called to the Fourteenth Hill. Entrance to the Royal Council and the Secret Lodge charodeek. The most powerful of its spells are beyond other magicians. Her lover - Geralt, white-haired witcher, hunter undead. Then there are serious discrepancies with the description in the novels. In the Battle of Hill Soddenskom Triss mutilated body, and she never wears dresses open. The game Triss body - perfect. But the conflict with another magichka and beloved Geralt Yennifer continue.

Lady of the Forsaken, the Queen of the Undercity. In the distant past - elven warrior defending Silvermoon from the army of the undead who died at the hands of Arthas and resurrected them as a terrible banshee ... No, the most beautiful of all the banshee Warcraft! Not one player male yearned for Lady Sylvanas Windrunner. Alas, her soul left the other senses, except revenge. Admire her beauty, for her heart was available. But deep in his palace she sings sad songs about the old life, which no one can return it.

Sixteen years ago, this breathtakingly slender Tomb Raider entered the hearts of the players and since then does not leave them. By becoming, among other things, from year to year, all slim and beautiful. It would seem that only the beauty, braid, a bust and a couple of pistols. Second Life Lara Croft began when she breathed her talent and other advantages gorgeous Angelina Jolie. There is no doubt: there is in the world and the treasures of the tomb, and again we will go there together with Lara Croft.



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