The most famous last words

Roman legionary menacingly waved a short sword over the head of an old man sitting on the ground. Archimedes, one of the greatest scholars of ancient Greece, do not even bother to look up. Soldiers ordered the old man to get up and follow him. No, - said Archimedes - no, until I decide this problem. After a moment, the sword in the hands of a nameless soldier took the life of one of the greatest thinkers of all time.

Henry Ward Beecher, violent and controversial preacher middle of the XIX century, in the course of his life read sermons to millions of people. He instructed to be ready to meet with oblique bony and painted pictures afterlife. When he was ready Beecher breathed his last, he beckoned to the doctor and whispered hoarsely: "Doctor, now I plunge into the mystery».

Anne Boleyn, the mistress of the king, had to pay with his life for communication with His Majesty. She was calm until the end. Turning to his girlfriend in misfortune, which trembled like a leaf, Anna said, "Take courage. Executioner - a specialist with years of experience ... and I have a very thin neck ».

For the bedroom door of the court of Queen Elizabeth crowd kneeled down, and prayed for her salvation. Queen treated the best doctor of his time, and she fought for her life until recently. But when Pale Rider began to approach her closer and closer, she realized that the end was inevitable. Shaking helplessly clenched fist, the queen exclaimed: "All my condition for the moment of life!»

Cardinal Wolsey, like many other aspiring to greatness, was a victim of political intrigues of his era, and paid for it with his life. And now appeared before the executioner ... "Oh, if I served the Lord with at least half of the zeal with which I serve; my king, He would not leave me in my old age! »


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