Verbal programming: how do we establish a program of destruction

Our speech is not just a display of our thoughts. This programming later life. Including words-destroyers in their active speech, provides a program of destruction.

"In the beginning was the word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word became flesh" (John 1:1; 1:14)

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Modern man lives in a world of unique technologies and scientific discoveries that makes us reconsider many well-established views, approaches and paradigms. With new discoveries in quantum physics, epigenetics, torsion fields and mirror neurons, we received a lot of opportunities to scientifically explain many phenomena that had earlier been in the competence of spirituality and esotericism.

The term "torsion fields" appeared in 1922 to refer to a hypothetical physical field that is generated by torsion of space. Torsion fields are everywhere, where there is a torsion (rotation). In microcosm and macrocosm, everything has a spin. Rotate the planet, the Solar system and the Galaxy itself rotates the molecule and the electron around the nucleus, torsion fields surrounded all. They form a General boundless system, in which the speed of propagation of the signal instantaneous, and the concept of "time" simply does not exist.

According to scientists, the thoughts in the matter of torsion bars, of which the field is built, and torsions person can be affected.

Words are the clothing of our thoughts, the energy of the words has a more dense structure than the energy of thought, and this energy much faster forms matter.

Words can be presented in the form of electromagnetic waves, which directly affect the properties and structure of DNA molecules. These molecules are responsible for heredity. If the speech is full of negative word formations, the structure of the DNA begins to mutate and the descendants is no longer distorted. The accumulation of such negative qualities can be called a "program of self". Being a native speaker, each of us has a completely unique vocabulary. This set is a powerful tool of self-programming.


I'm a psychologist, systemic consultant, juggling, and my job is to help people to detect and neutralize destructive personal and ancestral programs that affect the current circumstances of his life. Watching the words and phrases my clients, I get a lot more information from their unconscious, and often this is the most important, that brings us to a new level of awareness of the true problem.

In Buddhist psychology says that the main source of energy loss is discussed. The Christian religion teaches: "No matter what is included in a person's mouth; it's what comes out." Many ascetics and saints withdrew to secluded places, so that nothing would encourage them to engage in empty talk.

In the Vedas, such conversations are called "prajalpa". And it is one of the main obstacles to spiritual and material progress. "As you say, how you live. That claimed, and have" – says the ancient wisdom. This discovery was made by the German psychotherapist Nossrat Peseschkian, author of positive psychology and psychotherapy. He first discovered the word programming diseases of the body. Such words present in the vocabulary of virtually every person. Peseschkian called this phenomenon "organic matter".

Organic matter is the words and expressions, directly affecting the physiological organs, they can be strengthened and to "undermine the health, well-being and life itself.

Examples of the organic phrases of the speech burst my patience; I already a head broke, something gnaws at me; all over me eaten; just sitting in my kidneys; I pulled the plug; do not digest all the juices squeezed out of me; a lot of blood spoiled me; I wanted to sneeze; tired sick; just a knife to the heart; beats me up (shakes), my neck did; fed up; with the soul gate; they drove me to death; having been in my shoes; put pressure on me; find an outlet... without even noticing, we give your body a clear command.

Their findings on the impact of organic speech on human health Dr. Peseschkian has published recently, but these findings have been verified by many experts. Especially carefully studied the question of organic matter creates disease or reports about it?

PROVEN: first, one includes the word-breakers in their active speech, provides a program of specific diseases and then illness occurs. And not some kind of disease, namely that which was stated. Creating disease lyrics-busters even more entrenched in active speech, support disease, giving her the opportunity to "live and thrive".

Organic matter is an independent mental program, and she has a well-founded mission: to maintain what has been created. Below is summary data of detailed studies of the speech of many thousands of patients. Of course, the set of words in the context of the disease is much richer than in the table, but if you ask to install in your own speech words that Deplete your health, the above illustrations will help you in this task. The mechanism here is extremely simple and clear: found that means exposed. Exposed means disarmed.

Examples of words and expressions that create and maintain disease:

• tired ad nauseam, fed up with the soul – anorexia nervosa;

• to shoulder the burden of care, to bear the cross; problems sitting on the neck osteochondrosis;

• has something on her mind, to poison the life itself does not belong to sick of it all to death – a malignant tumor;

• go eat, sarcastic, something (or someone) to stomach – ulcer;

• sits in the kidney, the urine hit in the head, no energy, tired and urological diseases;

• find an outlet to give vent to his anger, to block oxygen, "sneeze" at someone, bronchial asthma and hyperventilation syndrome;

• suck blood, squeeze the juice, it came into my flesh and blood – blood disorders;

• to take to heart, heart broken, shot in the heart – myocardial infarction;

• it is not scratched, would not want to be in his skin, thin-skinned, thin-skinned – skin diseases and allergies;

• breaking head, risk head, head Bang, continuous headache – migraine, meteopathy;

• to limp on both legs, unstable, shaky, impenetrable chronic cramps, gout;

• to let off steam, have patience, to turn up the heat, whip – hypertension;

• caustic, I'm bitter gall, to life honey did not seem, no joy – diseases of the liver and gallbladder, and obesity;

• his eyes would not see, afraid to look, though why, not light sweet, pitch – diseases of the eye;

• don't want to hear, don't tell, shut up, shut up, noisy, thundering, hearing loss, deafness;

• pounding, shaking, angry, disgusted, not take (the darkness), burst my patience – depression.

Note: there is no difference to whom or to what are applied is illustrated above and similar words and expressions. The very fact of their presence in the active speech lays, and then supports the program of the disease.

The word – picture of reality in which the person is at the moment.

In the alignment we often come to the events literally occurred, in which phrase the customer is "packaged" your request during the interview. Customers say more than they realize. The famous expression "Freudian slip" is all about. Thoughts spoken aloud can be part unconscious processes.

Reaction to new, unknown, potentially dangerous. Reaction to a previous negative experience. This so-called word-limiters, they clarify and simulate our reality. The name of these words reflects their very essence: pronouncing them, we limit ourselves. The word-limiters can be divided into four groups, or families – so they are called.


These words clearly indicate a lack of confidence, demonstrate the belief that his ability is limited. Words of this group literally forced to stand still, constantly doubting yourself.

EXAMPLES: can not, can not; not sure; will not work; it's beyond my capabilities or forces; can't promise; nothing depends on me; do not take on this responsibility. The most insidious phrase in this group "I can't" is a disguised jewelry "try", which translates to "I don't believe in yourself".


When the external similarity with the first group has a fundamentally different task. Fans of words of this group usually are not static, they truly aspire to self-development. These people have a reputation of clever and masters of all trades, they're putting in everything and everyone and take responsibility for everything. They unknowingly underestimate and limit the potential of their claims, objectives and the quality of life.

EXAMPLES: no more time; I would like, but...; you never know what I want!; want not harmful; who am I to...; I can't afford it; wow! (one of the most treacherous).

It is important to consider: the impact of phrases in this group should be accounted for in accordance with their context. For example, if we say, "I can't afford to neglect your health", the phrase would limit this belief and, accordingly, to serve as our health. Like phrase "wow!" will serve you in cases if you do not wish to experience, about which we hear or witness which are (someone is losing money, admits a fatal error).


EXAMPLES: it is necessary; necessary (not in the context of needs, meaning "must"); must; need; problem; "my life is hopeless bondage"; "I need to do" and "should I do"...


The use of these words simply takes the oxygen from everything that we call a dream.

EXAMPLES: not possible; unlikely; never; can't be; if suddenly; if that; unlikely; it may happen... (planning obstacles); and suddenly; God forbid; and the "killer": no choice.


EXAMPLES: it's a disaster; a nightmare; a horror; it is "pipe".

The word-limiters, as the words from the category "organic speech, greatly reduce the speed setting of productive structures and, as a result, reduce the speed of our movement towards the goal.

However, there are other words, words that bring and connect us with our purpose, these WORDS are the WINGS: I can! I have all the turns! I intend; I am worthy.

Human genetic apparatus is almost identical to the fruit of the plant, earth worms, monkeys, i.e. proteins are the working set, universal for all organisms, which carries out the exchange of substances (metabolism) and information of torsion fields determines the sequence in which which matrix protein (RNA) will build an amino acid.


Challenge: go a step above or a step below

Learn about what betrayed: the emotional burden of betrayal


Candidate of biological Sciences P. Garyaev and candidate of technical Sciences G. T. tertyshny developed with the help of scientists, instruments recorded: expletive causes mutagenic effects similar to radiation with a capacity of 1000 roentgens.

Garyaev believes that through speech, and hence thought (because it is the result of thinking), man, like a sculptor creates his genetic apparatus. And it depends on us, how the information field we build around ourselves, and what's living, how in the field of goodness, spirituality are our loved ones, our children.

Watch your thoughts, words, and you will not notice how will change your actions and life itself! published


Author: Irina Ishchenko


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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