GOLDEN rules of attracting money into your life

There's an old joke, which I really like. An elderly Countess, a granddaughter of the Decembrist heard a noise in the yard and sent the maid to know about what is happening on the street.

“There is a revolution,” said the maid returning.

“How interesting, ' exclaimed the Countess, because my grandfather wanted to make a revolution! And what do these revolutionaries!”

“They want not to be rich!”

“Oh, groaned the Countess, — and my grandfather wanted not to be poor....!”

The desire to write this article arose after my experimental laptop, bought with money donated by an old friend of his financier flatly refused to find “wifi” in the hotel in St. Petersburg. No reasonable explanation was not. Since “wifi” was not even in the reception area and reception where you installed the router.

But when the laptop was set on the Desk in the office, in a hotel room, with a separate office, “wifi” was immediately and automatically. Thank you friend the financier. His money trying to run my life for many years.


The frame and the film "heart of a Dog"

The Teun Mahrez once wrote: "housing — reflects a person's world". In my world, if a person lives in one room, it welcomes guests, it works is a children's room. If guests are in the kitchen, apparently is the person the cook. It is neither bad nor good.

Just housing reflects a worldview. You can certainly still remember the monks. I spoke with the Abbot of a monastery: "the Monastic cell — this tomb, said the Abbot, it should not be nothing superfluous. Housing reflects the Outlook".

I don't like planes that have no business class. And no matter what I'm flying in economy. But I understand that paying for the comfort of your passengers, at the same time and pay for my safety. Thank you!

I think the examples are enough. I remember once, a glimpse from ad agencies: “If you ask for a discount at three per cent we will stop to offer You a coffee, at five per cent we will stop for You to smile, at seven percent, we will reduce office and take the chair at ten percent, we leave to one employee and fire the rest, and we will have turn in twelve interest — we close the office and start working on the Internet. And finally, if you want a discount of fifteen percent do it yourself with our work!”

Money is the lifeblood of companies.Those bodies in which flow little blood begins to suffer and eventually die. Flow too much — is bleeding and the body deteriorates.

Economical tend to pinch the blood vessels of the companies instead of understand why they do not dare to come out of the nursery and to have in your home office, to start something to do other than to play and sleep. Those who choose the economical way — what for to hang around in the nursery. It is better at once in the cell, the grave, as I prefer to do the more honest monks.


The frame and the film "heart of a Dog"

WHY is it better to say nice wordsLife is fragile, sudden, and sometimes shorter than it seems


Anyone who wants to pay little and get a lot or appreciates what is going to or is seeking deliberately to deceive, in violation of the principles of energy exchange. Who gives a pittance for something of value or does not appreciate himself what has or does not believe to God. published


Author: Vyacheslav Gusev




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