Alovedone. The normal Light in the house

Competent and high-quality lighting in the frame house can not only provide effective and harmonious space, but also affects our overall health. The lighting in the home plays a major role in creating a positive mood. The game of light and shadow you can create different effects, to hide all the flaws and cons of the premises, and to emphasize its advantages.

When the errors made in the lighting system, cause most people discomfort, or quick fatigue and poor concentration that ultimately leads to negative consequences. As planned, the wrong lighting can lead to deterioration of your health. Below we will explain how to avoid it and how to follow the rules of light in homes.

Amovement in your home

Alovedone is the maximum amount of natural light. The use of natural lighting sources is the most important element in the lighting system of the home and one of the important principles. The most essential element of alovedone will be Windows, more light giving Windows, their various sizes and their location.

To get natural light in the bath or corridor install interior Windows or glass doors and walls of special transparent glass.

Artificial lighting

The entire lighting system of the house includes the following elements:

General lighting frame house – ceiling lamp; - local lighting – lamps, table and floor lamps, floor lamps and table lamps; decorative lighting – various led lights and specific lights for the various arches, niches and works of art.

Basic rules and rules of lighting

  • special "Islands" of lighting in a darkened room calmly than General lighting;
  • the upper main light is better to Supplement side lighting, because elevamini the sun's rays fall at a certain angle, not straight;
  • the best option would be to use different types of light spectrum: incandescent and fluorescent lights, and halogen lamps;
  • the most important and colour of light emitted: for example, the blue color will soothe, and red to give you energy, but in some cases, to irritate;
  • halogen lamps will give light close to elevamini;
  • when planning lighting systems are targeting at the size and appointment of rooms.

Tips for hallway lighting

  • Hallway lighting room wattage of all lamps in the hall will depend on their color scheme;
  • lamps, usually mounted in the walls all along the hallway;
  • the best lighting for the mirrors side lights at face level, this is necessary in order to achieve a more correct reflection;
  • in the top panel are inserted are usually spotlights, to make it perfectly clear their contents;
  • to visually reduce the long hallway with wall lamps alternately arranged on both sides. The small entrance hall can be visually expanded by means of illumination of all walls and mirrors.

The norms for living room lighting

  • Living room lighting possible, apply 3 to 8 lamps for room lighting depending on its size and dimensions;
  • alternative main chandelier is a special wall lamps, which are directed upward;
  • conventional classic floor lamp can be replaced with movable outdoor lamp;
  • all lamps hidden behind cornices on all the perimeter of the room for a more uniform and soft lighting;
  • with spot-halogen lamps it is possible to place accents on certain decor items;
  • you can visually enlarge the room by means of illumination of walls along the line of the floor;
  • for computer work, reading, embroidery and other other studies fit pendant light or wall-mounted moveable lamp and a floor lamp. Improve coverage of the bedrooms in the house

Improve coverage of the bedrooms in the house

  • Bedroom lighting when choosing lighting bedroom, choose a dim ceiling lamp;
  • for the wardrobe will fit spotlights;
  • bedside you can install the easy changing wall lamp;
  • standard option – the lamp on the bedside table or night table with opaque lampshade, which gives a directed light flux;
  • romantic mood in the bedroom will help to create a low floor lamp.

Guidelines for kitchen lighting

  • typically, the lamps for General lighting feature above the table: and for a rectangular table requires a linear lamp arrangement and round table lamp will fit around its center;
  • basic lighting is usually placed above the work surface of the kitchen, above the sink and stove;
  • spotlights, built in cupboards, will provide soft lighting throughout the working surface, and the lamps inside the cabinets provide decorative light.

The basics of lighting a child's room

When creating the right lighting in the nursery you will need the following:

  • bright Central lamp;
  • wall lamp with adjustable power above the bed;
  • mandatory table lamp is quite bright that will illuminate the entire surface of the table, and the best choice would be the neon lamp, as it doesn't overheat.
  • the necessary additional illumination of the workplace, especially if the child uses the computer.

Tips for bathroom lighting

When bathroom lighting perfect ceiling halogen lights or spotlights around the perimeter. Above the mirror set matte light bulbs or directional horns.

It is important to realize that extra lighting is important not only when working at the computer, but when watching TV. This will relieve tension from the eye, which occurs with a sharp contrast of light and shadow.Remember, a properly structured system and compliance with all rules of lighting in a wooden house is the key to a healthy and optimal health, excellent mood, so don't skimp on coverage to spare their time on detailed planning.published

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