How to reduce energy costs using sensors

In the world has been a trend towards higher electricity prices and the reasons to change this phenomenon yet. The Europeans are already taking steps to save energy and build a passive, smart or energy efficient home.

While in Russia the cost of one kilowatt-hour three to four times lower than in some European countries. However, at the present rate of price growth we are rapidly catching up .

What you can save?Statistics show that 30-70% of the total electricity consumption is used for lighting. If you look closely to the lighting of residential building, office center or hotel, you can find a lot of places where it is used is wasteful.

For example, the lights work where staff or visitors anymore. And the intensity of artificial light is adjusted without considering the natural ambient light and exceeds the normal level. Where can we reduce energy costs?

Corridors and lobbies. Here up to 80 % of the time the lighting is switched on in the absence of people.

Staircases and lift lobbies. In the daytime there is enough natural light. Additional lighting is needed only when the room has people.

Storage rooms, technical and storage rooms. In such premises the staff often forgets to press the switch button, and the light can burn for days.

Classrooms and meeting rooms. Visitors to these areas have little interest in questions of saving, and often a light burning in an empty room. Another problem is the lack of balance between the natural and artificial lighting.

In the daytime, near the Windows, ample natural light, so the intensity of the lamps can be reduced in remote dark places – on the contrary, they add power.

Bathrooms. The lighting here works, as the visitors forget or do not want to press the switch button.

Offices. And there is often not enough balance between the natural and artificial light. This not only compels employers to pay more, but also causes discomfort to employees. Will solve this problem automation of lighting in offices.

Practice shows that after the introduction of automatic lighting control, electricity costs are reduced by 30-80 %. It is also important to consider the fact that this reduces the operating time of equipment and increases its service life.

How to reduce energy costs using sensors?Now there are many technical solutions to reduce the cost of electricity: simple circuits and protocols (1-10V) to intelligent control systems with KNX Protocol.

An integral part of these solutions – motion sensors, presence and light.

Motion sensorsmotion Sensors react to the infrared (IR) radiation
and convert it into an electrical signal. If the radiation source is moved, the sensor detects this event.

These sensors are not high sensitivity. They are designed for large displacements, for example, a walking person. However, the company produces B. E. G. motion detectors with the presence zone and sensitivity adjustment.

Motion sensors are suitable for areas with low traffic and natural light. For example: building entrances, corridors, staircases, lift lobbies, storage rooms, bathrooms, toilets, etc. In the range of B. E. G. has sensors for both internal and external use.

Presence sensorsIt is a more complex device with high sensitivity. The sensors are capable of detecting small movements. They "see" even the movement of his fingers. Such sensors are suitable for areas with high natural light and a large number of people: offices, offices, classrooms, meeting rooms, etc.

The presence sensors are able to work out complex scenarios. They have additional control channel for on/off another device. This channel has an independent adjustment operation.

Light sensorsto Reduce energy costs allows adjustment of the room lighting. For this you need to measure the lighting level in the room, so the sensor usually works in tandem
with a motion sensor or presence.

The motion sensor light exposure measurement is made only at the time of registration of the first movement, and the presence sensor is performed continuously.

All B. E. G. sensors can be configured using remote control. In addition, program them by phone (smartphone/tablet) using a universal IR-RC adapter and software applications "B. E. G. RC".

Sensors have non-volatile memory retains settings in case of power loss. To prevent false switching, all sensors have a setting of the operating time. published




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