Fire safety in the home: choose fire alarm

Before installing the signaling necessary to elaborate plan of arrangement of each device. It is advisable to entrust this work of art, having a license. Development of the project for each individual object and requires a detailed study of the room size, the specifics of planning and design complexity. Also pay great attention to the places with the greatest probability of occurrence of fires.

The value of fire alarm project affects mostly flat area: on average - 10-15 thousand rubles for the area up to 100 square meters. m. In addition, the price can be increased if there is a false ceiling, in case zapotolochnoe space exceeds 40 cm, because Fire safety regulations have to install sensors there.

When creating the project should also determine the choice of alarm, the most appropriate for a particular room.

Conventional (traditional) fire alarm system is suitable for small rooms (50-100 sq. M). The advantage is its relatively low price (average equipment will cost 4000 rubles.). The untargeted system of sensors are arranged in groups (loops), which cover several rooms (usually up to 10). If the sensor is triggered, it is displayed on the remote signal alarm "fire", but to find the fire place, you will need to loop through the premises.

To alarm event included smoke or fire extinguishing system is recommended to install a fire alarm address.

Its main advantage is that the information content:

the accuracy of detecting a dangerous place - on the remote control displays the name of the premises immediately;
control of the proper operation of the system. If the sensor is faulty, then it is displayed on the remote control room, also controlled by the level of contamination of the sensor, the electrical parameters of the cable line.
Addressable sensors are 2-3 times more expensive than traditional, but the fire regulations in the room is allowed to install such a sensor instead of 2 normal. Consequently, there is savings and by reducing the amount of work on the installation, amounts and materials, etc. Address system can be either wired or wireless. The most advantageous to install such alarms on objects with a large area and lots of space.

View advanced alarm for installation in a residential area at the moment is the analogue addressable warning system. Its main difference is that the decision on the subject is not able to accept the sensor and the control panel - the complex computing device that continuously collects data from sensors and analyzes their significance. Such systems are often equipped with modules designed to extinguish the fire or smoke extraction. The advantage of analogue addressable alarm is the simplicity of its programming - all sensors are connected to a computer


Fig. 1. Temperature sensor

Another important aspect in the design of the alarm is to choose the type of sensors installed in the apartment. They will also depend on the final price and the entire fire safety system.

The operating principle of the temperature sensor is that the device responds to fluctuations in room temperature. Beep detector will start at rates higher than 55 ° C. But it is worth noting that in the fire at once the temperature rises, so this type to be installed in several places in the same room, as well as on the inflammation place: plates and sockets. The advantage is the ease of operation and maintenance, low power consumption and high accuracy. The cost of a small simple device - 70-200 rubles


Fig. 2. Smoke detector

Smoke detector reacts to the appearance of smoke that dissipates or completely absorbs the light coming from the sensor, which is fixed by a special photodetector. The disadvantage of the sensor is a constant need for checking and cleaning the camera from dust and other debris. In addition, they are very energy-intensive and do not work with smokeless fire. Sensor Price starts from 300-500 rubles.

The flame detectors are more suitable for use in open spaces, rather than in the apartment. They record the electromagnetic radiation coming directly from the flame. These sensors are expensive (at least 3000-3500 rubles.), Energy consumption, but perfectly respond to the appearance of fire. The detectors are mounted in a location remote from the heating devices and batteries, ensuring their proper functioning.

Fig. 3. The flame detector

The principle of operation of fire alarm: in case of suspicion of a fire on the remote in a special stand-point the button lights up "fire", and object specific service leave

. This post can be fitted in an apartment building in compliance with the requirements for this type of space: an area of ​​over 15 square meters. m, certain indicators of humidity and temperature, comfortable lighting.

Fig. 4. Scheme of fire alarm works

Remember that any work on the installation and maintenance should be entrusted to professionals and not to save on their services. After all, at stake is too big bet - well-being and lives of you and your family.


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