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Overhaul or building a home is a complex process. One of the essential points of a modern renovation is to defend the house.

First of all, you should decide on a wired or wireless alarm system you are installing. A wired system is cheaper, but the wiring will require intervention in the interior, so the installation of such systems should be performed at the final stage of the repair. In addition, the installation of a wired system will be much more expensive, by the way, the difference in the cost of installation can "destroy" the entire benefit from cheaper equipment. But if you choose a wireless system, do not forget that you will have to periodically change batteries.

The important point is the method of transmission of alarm — almost all the systems operate via mobile communications (GSM). If your apartment/country house in bad signal reception, consider alternative options. You can set the amplifier of GSM signal reception or to connect a security system to own is not the wilderness radio.

What are the different sensors to protect property and where they are installed?

  • Motion sensor — this sensor is designed to detect foreign movement at a time when the system is in security mode. If you have Pets — be sure to consult about the sensitivity of the sensor, to avoid false positives.
  • Sensor opening Windows or doors is mounted directly on the sash, signaling unauthorized intrusion. The alternative to such a sensor is a sensor of the type "curtain" that captures the intersection of the plane — this is especially true for plastic Windows that do not open and "squeeze".
  • Glass break detector — acoustic, that is, reacting to the sound of breaking glass — can be mounted near a window or a door with glass elements.
  • Sensor leakage of natural gas — informs about the leakage and if you use the special relay can shut off the gas valve. Installed in the kitchen and in the room where the gas boiler, if we are talking about a private country house or cottage. A sensor with a shut-off valve placed on the pipe in front of the gas filters. The sensor alerts at the top of the wall (about 30 cm from the ceiling), since natural gas is lighter than air.
  • Carbon monoxide sensor, in contrast, is mounted at the bottom — about 30 cm from the floor, because carbon monoxide is heavier than air.
  • A smoke detector installed on the ceiling in rooms where there may be fire, usually in the center of the ceiling or on the alleged source of fire (stove, fireplace, heater).
  • The water leak sensor allows to avoid many problems. Installed on the floor, because the circuit and signal transmission occurs when the sensor hits water. Choose a location where water will accumulate in the case of a leak.
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