Willingness to obtain and have

What we have in life is not determined by our desires.
That would be out there on the subject coaches and adherents of "positive thinking" thought.

More precisely — not only by them.

I am convinced that the presence or absence of something important in our life meets deep WILLINGNESS to have it. The openness of it.

Willingness to accept.

Ninety four million five hundred thirty five thousand two hundred fifty

Unconscious, of course.

And then — either it's there and then we have something in your life.

Or it is not and then in our life, it is not, despite the wishes or the castle of positive thoughts.

The question arises:
— How to understand??

Oh, just everything.

Quite frankly and impartially look at your Life in different aspects.
Money, close relationships, professional sales, friends, etc.

If it is, then open and ready for it.
If not... well, you know...

And while this inner openness and willingness does not appear , covet - thou shalt not covet, what's the point...

As I have repeatedly said, the unconscious operates on the principle of security.
And pleasure.

Ninety seven million two hundred ninety one thousand one hundred ninety eight

And it will not allow you to open to what feels dangerous.
Or unpleasant.

But if your bad you can still try to overcome tremendous willpower and maybe even "positive thinking" (for 5-6 months!), but the threat is unlikely.

It turns out such a pointless struggle.

Man (H): I want it!!!
Unconscious (B): what are You doing, you idiot?! This is dangerous!!

H: — And I still want me that is important and necessary!!!
B: — And I do not care!!! I'll never give to have. Because it's dangerous. And if you don't understand, I'll take care of you, even against your will.

And this, as I have repeatedly said is always the trauma.
Personal or family tribal — that is another question.

But initially it just wasn't like that.
No threat. Nor unpleasant.

Even though money, even though a close relationship…
Though anything else...

And the solution here is not overriding the unconscious, because it is impossible.
It is always stronger.

The solution is in healing the injury after which it beginning to be felt.
Dangerous, unpleasant...

So that it began to feel otherwise.
And to be able finally to open it.published 

Author: Sergey Muckin

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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