That moment when you just need to give up...

Be present, feeling the pain, it's so simple, and at the same time it can be incredibly difficult.


To feel pain and do not rush to heal her, to muffle, to avoid or something to cover it up takes enormous courage. This is the time when you need to just give up.

In the process of healing there comes a time when already read all the books, completed the consultations with all the guru and tried all the cool technology, and remains only what you want to do is to feel your painful emotions. The irony is that it is the presence and accommodation of pain in the end brings us back to what we were looking for, avoiding to feel the pain.

The key to healing emotional wounds is the willingness to endure discomfort for the sake of transformation. This willingness is necessary in order to really cleanse and heal childhood trauma.

The discomfort can be very different:

  • Lack of understanding from family members

  • The presence and accommodation of their pain, allowing the pain to be

  • Accommodation period of anger or grief, without knowing when these unpleasant feelings will end

  • Little energy or a feeling of helplessness and insecurity

  • Permit yourself to be vulnerable and get support from others

  • The distancing from when people

Our culture strongly supports the idea of instant gratification and quick results. It requires incredible courage and strength to go through the long and unattractive way of healing, which has its own term. In addition to the cultural aspect it is worth to remember also about our survival instincts that tell us to fight or to accept battle in case of feeling danger. That is why support is so important in the healing process.

A wounded inner child seeking relief the only way they know – by following your initially put the family patterns, but usually these patterns and cause pain. It is a vicious circle.

The way out is to develop the skill to care for and comfort your inner child, and at the same time to make another choice beyond the usual pattern and to better reflect our true desires and needs. When the formation of the inner mother inner child helps to separate from family and cultural patterns that cause suffering.

Most of us in the process of growing up betrayed itself, that is, in a situation where there was no other choice but to create a kind of internal riftin order to survive. This kind of fault usually means that we drowned out their true feelings and denied himself to have taken our loved ones. For healing it is necessary to restore the ability to fully feel your feelings and therefore to feel and Express my truth about who we are, without a shadow of shame.

Although we are surrounded by messages to avoid pain, coming from outside of the cultural environment and the inside of the early mechanisms of adaptation, healing occurs only when we are in pain, letting my feelings flow like the river.

The truth – outside the comfort zone. Where ends our comfort zone, starts the space of separation from their dysfunctional patterns, imparted to us culture or environment.

To learn to tolerate discomfort for the sake of transformation, you need to pass two main stages. Sometimes they can overlap each other, but in General is a movement from resistance to surrender.


At this stage, usually a lot of aversion to experiencing painful feelings and avoiding to look at them. We can in various ways try to numb or suppress the truth about what we feel. Resistance can manifest itself through self-sabotage, forgetfulness, congestion and dependency.

Sometimes resistance can be useful as an internal barrier that slows the course of events, until we're ready to see something. And sometimes it's just avoiding what we know we need to face. Requires thorough self-study to see what type of resistance works in us. Resistance may occur at each new level of healing, but as his growth, you can learn to better recognize the resistance and the easier to pass it.

2) passing the

Most of us rented simply because the pain of resistance becomes too strong. In the end we learn to trust what to facilitate you need to feel the pain, not run from it, and fully enjoy the taste of joy and freedom that comes when we are in contact with this in itself.

It is an incomparable feeling – after pain to experience the joy of feeling of UNITY to yourself. This is the peace of inner harmony – feeling and expressing their true feelings without having to protect them.

Here is the harmony between personal imperfections and indispensability of the role of each of us in the great perfection of life.

In the end, the longing and the hunger for living your truth eclipses all other desires, including the desire to be free from pain. This hunger for his truth and leads a truthful exactly where you need it in every present moment. Sometimes this "need" is staying next level of inner pain.

Moments of relief and bliss that open after the pain experienced is definitely worth it. Again and again we learn that their pain and presence when you connect us with a deep truth about ourselves.

It seems to me that one of the reasons why the crucifix is such a powerful and common symbol in the Western world, lies in the fact that it symbolizes the most difficult thing is the willingness to accept your painful feelings and being present with them.

When we allow ourselves to live in accordance with THIS, there is a new interior space.

When we do inner work, in the end there is a commitment to: first excitement, then a famine, and fierce commitment to living their inner truth. Formed desire every moment to live from the deep fire of your true self. Every moment begin to see how the opportunity to live on the basis of simple open awareness of what is.

We see that awareness itself is acceptance.

Our journey begins on the painful periphery, but as we learn to endure the discomfort and uncertainty of not knowing, there is potential to take in the sacred presence that lives in the center of our pain, and realize that this is the truth about us.

Many of us deep inside sounds nostalgic. A nameless longing and aching grief. Many have experienced it as children in the relationship with her mother – the feeling of ground under my feet and abandonment to the mercy of fate. Immersion in this feeling of nostalgia in the mother's wound in the end leads to the realization that we can not be truly abandoned. EO becomes possible when we cultivate a loving inner mother to your inner child, to name a few of her deepest despair.

This desperation opens the door to our source, to a unified consciousness where all is one.

Thus our pain carries the message. This is the message that it is time to return home to your original home inside yourself, that is, to realize his true identity — Consciousness, the knowledge that we are a spirit, and cannot actually harm us or throw us because we are one with all that is.

I remember moments in my own healing when I worked through the layers of grief in the mother wound, a sense of worthlessness and desire to die. And the willingness just to feel the depth of this incredible despair and grief I knew I had hit rock bottom. Deeper this pain was not. The pain was at the very Foundation. And standing on this Foundation, and staying in presence with their deepest pain, I was free.

To get rid of the pain, you need to feel.

While in the presence with their pain, we begin to understand that all the pain that we feel is not the truth of who we really are. We begin to see that actually we are an open, loving presence that we embody when immersed in their pain. This is our true nature beneath all the other masks.

The highlight of the stay "himself" is staying "absence of yourself", that is the vast loving space in which love is evidenced by our pain, and fully embracing it. This is what a healthy mother makes for her child.

Rupert Spire once said that awareness is like the space of the room: it accepts everything that happens in this room. Similarly, the child for healthy development of the mother, unconditionally present and accepting. However, the mother is a simple person with flaws, which is wrong. We all to some extent injured their mothers.

This original sacred wound calls us to be a loving mother to yourself... and to all life.

Embodying unconditional love is the inner mother, we re-connect with life itself. We re-connected with the centre, where there are no births, no deaths, which is constantly born and dies countless forms. This is the stage of evolution that lies in the pain of maternal injury.


Get away from toxic people, including toxic relatives

Inner abundance leads to external


We women grew up believing that divine forces are beyond us. In the process of healing comes the realization that the most desirable for us, most Holy, eternal and pure is within us and always was there. In fact, it is we. Not one or some of us, but each equally, because each of us is life.

We are all connected, so every time you lovingly live your own pain, you activate the power of unity in all.published


Author: Bethany Webster, translation




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