15 honest quotes Irina Khakamada men, illusions, insults and blows of fate

Get 15 bright and candid quotes Irina Khakamada. They are about love, illusions, the despair, the insults, the blows of fate — all those wounds that is in each of us.

1. The first thing you need to do to get rid of illusions about the Prince who will find, will pick up immediately and carry over the vicissitudes of fate. Eventually the man tired to drag, and you fall like a heavy suitcase. To avoid the sad fate of abandoned suitcase, a woman should focus not on finding men, and in his own dream.



2. How to take a punch? My main principle — to die in advance. Wins in a deadly battle only one samurai who is already dead. Live in your head the worst case scenario. And imagine what you will do after that. Clearly and specifically describe the steps after the defeat. And then, like in the movies, scroll to "wrap" back to the first frame, and go into battle.


3. If I say: "Ira, you fool," I said, "Yes, I agree". And she go and do what you think is right. Hit on me — I skipped and went to do. Never prove. No need to measure anything. Especially in the men's team, it won't end well.


4. To build a harmonious relationship with anyone, you must first find harmony with yourself and love yourself.


5. What to do? I can tell you. Learn to dream, to set high goals and go for it. While getting a rush on the end result and the process. And if you manage to find and develop this energy, you don't need any effort, everything will develop by itself – and dreams, career and love.


6. A woman who is able to develop harmoniously and to combine feminine and masculine, which uses all that is in the world, for his self, becomes a unique woman, the boxed instance. Such was, for example, Coco Chanel. And, if desired, this can be each. Tested on itself!


7. A female rocket, that is the one that rushes forward in pursuit of their goals and dreams, a smart man will definitely appreciate. In a Woman there is always something to solve, and it's exciting.


8. When meeting with a man must be able to clearly say, and then turn into a fool. Moreover, it is important unexpectedly and in a very diplomatic way to move from one state to another. The man is immensely shy, he is afraid of something. The woman is too rich, or too poor, too beautiful, or Vice versa. Therefore, we need to become unpredictable, with ease and humor to build dialogue.


9. If a man does not want to change, you have a choice: to live with him the way he is, or on its own without it. Can't decide — so hard of hearing myself, and the problem is not in it, and you.


10. A man should not be our entire world, but it should be one of its parts, standing in the series.

11. I wanted to be President. The husband said: look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud his name. How can you be a President of Russia? I was offended, took the campaign money from the mob. Found a marginal district, terribly poor, on the outskirts of Moscow, which did not go public transport. And I did it. I've been through. Husband financial my competitor. And the competitor lost and I won. And then I realized that I was a leader. I can.


12. Money in achieving success in second place. You need as much money to implement their ideas. And to not Wake up every day with the thought: God, I hate this job, but I'll starve if I don't do it.


13. Learning all the time, get new information. It's insurance, it will help you survive in the most difficult time. Once in Oxford, I lectured and met there with a girl from Russia. She went there, studying for a philologist. While working in the famous Bank. She says: you have no idea what it is an experience. I now know everything! I have never lost.


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14. Don't be afraid of despair. Drop to the bottom. I went to the country, lay in week out, no one spoke. I said to myself, what a terrible I'm a loser and stuff like that. I felt sorry for myself, and I even started to like to be unhappy. But at some point the body gets tired of it, and he says: and life goes on! I'm not dead, the sun is shining. All is well! And you get up and go on.


15. But fate is like a lion. If you are afraid she will attack you, and if there is no fear, it will turn off wherever you want. published



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