5 wise lessons from Gianni Rodari

We decided to remember quotes the main characters of the books Rodari once again to ensure that every fairy tale is just a fraction of the tale.

The famous phrase "fairy Tale — lie, Yes in it a hint..." on the literary language Gianni Rodari sounds like "what tale they tell, or what they, through a series of metamorphoses in itself pose, once really happened". To believe an Italian writer on the floor. Who, if not the winner of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tales to know about everything?


Receiving the prestigious award, the writer said: "I Think that tales — old and new — helps to develop the mind. In fairy tales are stored thousands of hypotheses. Fairy tales can give us the keys to enter a reality in new ways. They open the world to a child and teach you how to convert it..."





5 lessons of wisdom which the Italian author of the masterful "encrypted" in their works.

1. Children should not be alone


Pulse fine, heart is fine, not sick his spleen... Loneliness is killing a baby! ("The Adventures Of Cipollino")


Little Gianni and his brothers, Cesare and Mario had a perfect childhood. They grew up in a loving family, encouraged every creative idea. Gianni was learning to play the violin easy to do from the words "toys", making poems, masterfully maneuvered on paper intricate animals and dreamed of becoming a famous artist. But when the boy's father died of the flu, the family was left in such a plight that the artistic dreams had forgotten. And had to forget about what the love and care of his father.




2. Fantasize


There's an old saying, from the mistakes we learn. New could be: mistakes we learn to fantasize. ("Grammar of fantasy")


Studying was not the most favorite pastime Rodari. Lessons and worksheets from the teachers of the future writer felt it was very tedious, and were assured that they could bring even a cow. But a school recess or time after school, Gianni waited with anticipation. He in all haste fled to the library for some fabulous stories.

And then could sit for hours with my eyes closed and compose all new and new worlds for their favorite characters. "Fantasy — not a "bad wolf", which we must fear, and not a criminal, for who need eyes and the eyes" — this recipe is quite possible to adopt, as Rodari in his life "imagining" for the prize of Hans Christian Andersen.



3. Think


To think is also useful. Maybe even the most useful of all the others. I think everyone should half an hour a day to think. This can be done anywhere — sitting at a Desk, walking through the woods, alone or in company. ("The adventures of the blue arrow")


Despite the fact that the school was not particularly inspired by the future writer, life (or rather need) forced him to try on the role of the teacher. After graduating from the Seminary he taught the younger children. Rodari himself was called a teacher is useless, but boring. But he seems to be preparing himself for something more outstanding. After checking school notebooks Rodari raced in the Milan University to listen to lectures of professors of the philological faculty and then by night he studied the works of Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Trotsky, Lenin.



4. Believe in the dream


The tale is over, and yet, that was then, always will be. ("Grammar of fantasy")


Despite the fact that many Rodari dreams never come true (he became a violinist, artist, inventor), Italian forbade myself to doubt that his children's main idea will ever become literally tangible. More than anything, he wanted the heroes of his tales turned into a toy and bring joy to children.

The dream became reality in the USSR. Once the writer together with his little daughter walking on the street and in the window of one of the shops I saw... no, not his book, translated into Russian language, and characters of the tale about Chipollino — Signor Tomato, Prince Lemon, a Cherry and, of course, the chipmunks!



5. Don't be afraid to show kindness


He wanted to impersonate a bouncer, wanted to hide his good heart. Who knows why people with a good heart always trying to hide it from others? ("The adventures of the blue arrow")


Perhaps, in the family of the Baker, who sacrificed his life for the sake of the kitten, can't be different. Rodari was all about the kids and does not hesitate to devote all the power of his talent to the younger generation. The writer admitted that more than anything, wants children to grow up happy and carefree, could repel any unjust situation and valued friendship, love, beauty. These qualities he has infused his fantastic characters — Cipollino, the girl the Radish, Cherry, Gelsomino.published


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