How much can change a man, if he has the desire, patience and will

Jadav "Molai" Paying lives in the North of India in the city of Jorhat. His incredible story began in 1979, when the floods of the river threw a lot of snakes, which in a short time died from the heat. Jadav was a child, but the sad picture of the death and decay of nature remembered for all of his life.

In the area where he lived was not enough vegetation and trees, that killed all life. This vacant area was easy to see even from a satellite.

When Galavu was 16, he went to the local authorities to ask them to plant trees. Officials refused, believing that in the "dead zone" still do not grow. The young man decided to try his luck the elders of his village, who also considered the request to be impossible, but gave him twenty seedlings of bamboo. Adults did not stop to convince 16-year-old, but Jadav continued resolutely to ignore the opinion of any authority.

Jadav planted the first bamboo in the middle of the desert. The following years he continued regularly to plant trees and bushes.

Small seedlings a few years grew a forest. Today, 35 years later, the forest Jadav is nearly 6 square kilometers. More than a hundred football fields!

In the forest there are many animals: Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, deers, rabbits, apes and several species of birds, including vultures. For six months a year here from another part of the island comes a herd of elephants in recent years there were born ten elephants.

Such biodiversity could not fail to attract the attention of poachers, but Jadav in cooperation with the authorities was able to resist them.

On the way to the forest elephants first trampled the rice fields. The peasants were furious and wanted to cut down all the trees. But, fortunately, gradually realized that the forest brings all a huge favor. It is better to have around the greens than the empty plains. In addition, Jadav breast stood up to protect his forests and he would always say: "Better to cut me than my forest!"

Many years passed before people realized what a great job was done by the local "crazy". Jadav Payang was awarded the civil award of India, he became a hero of his country.

Fellow citizens named him guardian of the forest, which he is very proud of. Jadav even calls himself the happiest man on earth. And who does not agree with this?

How much can change a man, if he has the desire, patience and will. His own hands Jadav turned barren desert into a tropical sanctuary. All just laughed at his persistence, but he insisted.

The Indian does not receive any profit from their activities. He lives in a simple cabin in the woods with his wife and three children; his only source of income is selling milk from cows and buffaloes, which he holds on his land.


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Mali — winner of several environmental awards. In 2015 he received the fourth largest civilian honours of India — Padma Shri. Its next task the chief Forester of the world calls the planting of trees on another deserted stretch of the Brahmaputra.

Just imagine how would the earth if each of us in his life planted and raised at least a dozen trees. Maybe start right now? published





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