Eco-friendly interior bamboo ideas for design

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The latest trends in interior design houses indicate that natural materials every day are becoming increasingly popular. And this is not surprising because they are environmentally friendly and graceful appearance. That is why now bamboo in the interior used by many designers. And use not only traditional bamboo trunks, but the cloth and the furniture made of this material, and pressed the panel. With the help of bamboo is usually cut up separate areas in the room or decorate it.

Bamboo in the interior of a modern living room

Of course, the choice of this material largely fell due to its environmental friendliness. Bamboo grows quickly in countries where the air is extremely clean, and the wood simply does not have time to accumulate harmful substances.

Until recently, bamboo was considered solely as a material that is not treatable, and it was intended it was just for the production of simple products. But now everything has changed, because modern technologies of processing of wood does not stand still, so today bamboo can make almost any product, not less qualitative and functional than wood. At desire it is possible to fully decorate the interior of your home from ceiling to floor only one bamboo.

Shelves made of pressed bamboo

The beauty and functionality of bamboo is Now increasingly in a variety of interiors you can find bamboo furniture. It not only is environmentally friendly, but also goes well with almost all natural materials, whether wood, leather or stone. And, besides, organically fit into the classical, modern or even hi-tech interior. But still it is best to combine bamboo with other natural materials, because they can perfectly complement each other.

Bamboo blinds in the living room

The best option will be ready-made from bamboo, in this case, you will not have to combine and look for the most optimal combination of materials. An example of such solutions can serve as built-in kitchens made of bamboo.

The bamboo trunks are the most popular designers among all natural exotic materials. They are used not only for décor but also as a decoration when making a landscape design, so in the Symphony of the interior is beautiful music playing and tropical notes.

The surface of the wall, decorated with bamboo trunks, will get an original look. If you add a little of the bamboo in the headboard or decorate them some other furniture, you can one touch to refresh the whole interior of the room. While it is possible to place the guns not only vertically but also horizontally, allowing the logical way to delineate space in the house. Thus, you can create interior walls and decorative curtains-partitions, which zoniruyut hallway and living room or dining room and kitchen.

Painted bamboo wall above the headboard

The use of finishing materials from bamboo in the interior Natural beauty, sustainability and durability are key to the popularity of natural materials for designers. But beyond that, it is worth noting the wide variety of materials from bamboo, allowing you to use it in a variety of purposes. Let's look at the most popular of them and their scope:

Bamboo panels. In fact such panels are compressed strips of bamboo planks. Use this material for both internal and external finishes. Particularly noteworthy is a wide variety of patterns of weaving, which opens up truly immense possibilities for decorating. Gather the siding as well as flooring, just stykovaya grooves between them.
Pressed bamboo panels in the headboard

Bamboo canvas. It is a thin slats of bamboo to hold onto fabric with glue. This material can also be the variety of weave and pattern, and is attached to the wall with liquid nails. Not infrequently bamboo fabric is called bamboo panels, because on the wall they look identical.
The ceiling is covered with strips of bamboo

Bamboo plates. It should be noted that such plates are made manually, the wizard carefully intertwine the bamboo planks. The number of layers and the size of the plates are different. Thick plates consisting of five or seven layers, are used for the flooring and parquet call Chinese. This material is extremely resistant to moisture and excellent heat and sound insulation characteristics.
Bamboo Wallpaper in the interior bedroom

Bamboo Wallpaper. They are made of split bamboo. Of the benefits of bamboo Wallpaper it is worth noting durability, and the fact that they are almost impossible to damage and they do not fade from exposure to sunlight. To refresh these Wallpapers, you only need to occasionally wipe them with a damp cloth. If you want to give your interior a natural or ethnic style, there is no better solution than bamboo Wallpaper simply could not be found.
The combination of light bamboo Wallpaper with decorative elements

Bamboo flooring. This flooring can have both natural and coffee color, and its surface is matte and glossy. He will decorate any room but looks particularly good in combination with natural materials.
The bamboo insert in the living room

Bamboo accessories — excellent decoration of any interior As we have mentioned, the bamboo looks fantastic in any design style. Do not have to use this material for decoration, sometimes only a small accessory to place correct accents. After all, the natural warm color and wood structure bamboo is able to enrich even the most refined interior to give it a magical Oriental motif. Help make this an exquisite frame for family photos, jewelry box, stand for vases or wicker boxes. Accessories made from bamboo are a great many you leave just a burden of selection of those that most will like.

It should also pay attention to the bamboo blinds, which do not fade in the sun and is able to give the interior coziness and warmth.

And if you install in the room a bamboo or dracaena living plant, it is filled with the mouthwatering aroma of wood and cleanliness. Don't need to make from the premises of the bamboo forest, even a small plant near the computer is able to significantly refresh the design, give the interior an atmosphere of warmth and joy.

Another excellent option to decorate the room are painted bamboo favors, even small inclusions of this material is to give the interior a new breath. Whether tiles or even linens with a bamboo pattern.

Also increasingly popular is the dracaena, which is also referred to as "lucky bamboo." This popular Feng Shui accessory looks great and not whimsical care. It is grown in ordinary vases, and in addition, dracaena grows well in water, so plant it even in the fountain.

More recently, bamboo was only doing simple things, because he believed that he was not amenable to special treatment. But thanks to technological advances, we had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful bamboo products that previously could be manufactured only of wood.

Bamboo is a perfect solution for any interior



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