How to learn to live consciously?

Awareness - our original essence.

How to learn to live consciously: to stay in the present moment, to take responsibility for everything that happens in your life, take care of the living world, to observe themselves from the outside and look at everything from the heart.

Where to start?

Start with awareness of the body and its movements. Learn to be aware of the way you walk, stand, sit, lie, their gestures and position of the hands and feet. Perform this exercise: go to the state of rest (better lie on your back) and watch. Captures all that you feel: cool exhaled and inhaled air, the feeling of support for you, the touch of clothing to the body temperature. Try to feel their own muscles, feel them, start with the tips of my toes and gradually moving up surveillance. In the process you can find tense areas of the body (they feel pain, itching), relax them. So gradually realizes his entire body.

It is interesting and "Taoist" awareness exercise that takes just a couple of minutes. Find a comfortable position that allows freedom of movement. Focus on your body and "stand still." Sitting still and gradually realizing every part of the body without moving, ask yourself, 'Where would want to move my body? ". Feel your own tendencies, but do not move. After that allow the body to move slowly in the selected direction. Keep track of slow movements and those feelings that you experience. Notice all that is going on inside. Continue to move in this direction, yet the body does not explain itself and its direction.

Awareness actions

Permeates every movement committed: the process of shaking hands, turning the head, step. Watch as drinking water. By focusing on the body, feel how it works. Drink small sips and feels like you're doing that comes from entering the body of water. See the inner eye, there is a path that makes the water from touching your lips to your stomach. Watch as it flows like washes your body from the inside.

Remember how the Japanese tea ceremony. The Japanese deliberately fill the kettle with water and put it on the coals. They deliberately wait until the kettle to boil, simmer and listen to the noise of gurgling water, looking at the flickering flame, and then deliberately poured water into the teapot, pour tea, served it, and consciously drink, all the while maintaining complete silence. This is the practice of mindfulness, which should be transferred to all his actions. Learn to do everything carefully, quietly, slowly and beautifully. If you're going to practice awareness of the body, thoughts, feelings, for your life will be as calm, deliberate, harmonious. This does not mean that you do less. Instead you'll get more done, doing consciously, without fuss.

Awareness thoughts

Likewise, be aware of your thoughts. Often, if a person suddenly to ask: "What are you thinking?", He replies that he does not know. This happens because we do not think really, and just let the thoughts run through the mind disjointed, disordered flow. Therefore, learn to observe your thoughts, and you will notice that their flow decreases. At that moment, as a result of awareness of all thoughts disappear, and the mind becomes silent, there is only a pure and clear consciousness that is the basis of true meditation.

Awareness of the world

How many minutes per day do you spend focusing and considering any thing? We have forgotten how to look at the world around us, because we have no time. On the way to work you pass by flowering daisies under someone else's window, but did not see them, do not you look into the sky, do not watch the flight of swallows. Your mind does not perceive at the moment and what happens in it, he is busy with abstract reflections. But do these reflections is the meaning of your life? And that gives you life, the perfection that is present in the existence of the living, stay in the second, did not matter? If you are not able to perceive consciously what is happening now, do you live in vain. You do not live, because to live - that is to be here and now. Therefore, look at things in their true colors, not mingling personal assessments and opinions.

There is a cautionary tale. One student went to the teacher and ask how to write bamboo. The teacher said, if you want to write bamboo, learn first to see him. The student looked at the bamboo stalks and leaves him, day and night, spring and autumn. He spent several years contemplating the bamboo, and this time really saw him. He realized bamboo, began with him in one piece, and then was able to write it. This must be the position of a conscious person: look, see, realize and thus become deeply receptive to understand the relationship and unity with the world.

Awareness of people

Learn to consciously look at the people around and remember that they have a soul. In India, for example, is a form of consciousness of another person, known as darshan. In the ashram (center, home to the spiritual master and his disciples) attracts people to look at the teacher. The teacher just sits there, and everyone else stares at him, getting his darshan. They try to understand it - as a spiritual personality and the living embodiment of the ideal. Without this awareness guidance teachers have little strength. You can perform with someone in a pair of this exercise: sit in front and look at each other without embarrassment, stress, laughter. Just look, without the assessments and judgments. This will help to achieve true harmony in communication, for without understanding there is no genuine human interaction.

Listen, look, learn!

It is likely, practicing mindfulness, you will face considerable internal resistance. Mind always resists change, good or bad, and the body is used to do many things automatically. Therefore, the change itself - work. Be ready for it! Remember that your own awareness of the process - the best teacher. If you obey your inner awareness of the way, it will lead you in the right direction. Whenever you stand before a choice, let your awareness to guide you. Just ask yourself: "In what direction the earth is my body, and the world - my soul?". And you're sure to hear the answer.


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