Irina Khakamada: If a man does not want to change, you have a choice

"Everything that makes a woman very quickly. Becomes noticeable when it does."


"Perfectly straight back provides a calm expression".


"There are periods when nothing happens. Don't be afraid of them. Silence is a wonderful time because you start to go to yourself."


"If a man does not want to change, you have a choice: to live with him the way he is, or on its own without it. Can't decide — so hard of hearing myself, and the problem is not him, it's you."

"What makes us women different from men? Men look at this world with my own eyes. They are building a career; they have their favorite toys: cars, PC; also they have a specific place for women. However, the woman in this world looking with your own eyes. She's looking through the eyes of men. All her life she's trying to prove something to the man, saying, "I'm no worse". And then complains that everything is shouldered on her one."


"Leadership is not a one-time event. Leadership is a lifestyle".


"I heard from the Dalai Lama is a saying: "no matter How convenient nor sat down, my leg will go numb. It is necessary to change the position“. I think, and in life. Change is beautiful, otherwise you become numb, numb limbs and soul. Change the position".


"The best thing we can give our children is to teach them to love themselves."

"The word "crisis" written in Chinese consists of two hieroglyphs: one means "danger", another — "opportunity"".


"I do not understand why for driving only a vehicle certificate of mental health need and the government we have with ruthless regularity easily run by people whose clinical insanity evident to the naked eye?"


"The Roman people, a native speaker of Aesculapius and botanists, demanded of life and the government of bread and circuses. In the Russian transcription of this formula rizvanovna thirst of the masses sounds like "wonder and truth!". The people, the native language of hypocrites and ungodly, have always wanted these mutually exclusive things. And in one bottle."


"A man should not be our entire world, but it should be one of its parts, standing in the row."


"Sometimes people whole life preparing for his main speech. And sometimes the main it determines the rest of your life."


"If there is no solution — it does not mean that it is not, it means that you have no power to hear him."


As a statement of Nikola Tesla "All is light" reveals the secrets of his life

Liz Gilbert: the Case of life is what makes us alive


"It sounds corny, but top of always want to die. Whether from loneliness, whether because there is nowhere else to strive for..."


"But fate is like a lion. If you are afraid she will attack you, and if there is no fear, it will turn off wherever you want".


"The feeling of happiness, man must seek in himself and not in the recognition of others." published


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"Success [success] in the Big city", "the Tao of life. A master class from a staunch individualist", "Sex in big politics"




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