When someone hurt you...

Every time someone hurt you, do not rush to be angry. This pain had been begged you have the Universe. Unconsciously, you attracted her.

The pain is just a puppet on a string, controlled by you...

"Be careful what you wish for"— the words of Eternity. What they carry?

When you want the execution of one of their desires, you don't think about the fact that in order for it to come to pass, you need to get through something, something to lose, something to buy... as soon As the desire was formed and strengthened in the mind, everything around you begins to readjust so that it could be fulfilled.


People leave from your life that hinder his performance, new that will help, come the ones that should teach you to see the road to the coveted. Sometimes we need strength, without which it can not go on this way and give pain and difficulties.

You're used to what it was previously and do not see what are painful changes around. But you want execution of the desired? It what was not, but that should be born, and it will remove the old from your life, something that was not to come to the New...


The birth goes through pain. After Night comes Day.

Should the Darkness to thicken, so that the Light of power shone...

Wanting you, only you, include mechanisms that are stuffed with change lives for a new birth in it. You attract everything for this pain, including. Therefore remember, that man that hurt you — caused you. He is a doll. Not glewis at him, and give thanks for strength, for help is on the way to the New. published


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