What about those who have hurt you

"Execute not pardon", I recall one of the old kids cartoon where, in what place the boy was supposed to put a comma, depended his own fate. The price of failure was great. The same thing happens in the life of adults.

We often make mistakes, but not spelling, and life. Of these errors add up our life lessons and our experience. But the choice is ours where to put the comma that can change everything in our lives.

A special place in the passage of our life lessons are those who hurt us. One of the ways in which evolving humanity is the path of destruction or a path through the pain. And those who make us hurt, make it for something.

Unfortunately, this pain can be so strong that the mind disengages and we are governed by emotions only. So how to be with those who hurt us?

We have 4 options are either continue to destroy us and our lives or help to heal, and experiences that go into a new and healthy life.

1. I did the samethe First and natural desire that arises in us is to return the offender to the same, the desire to hurt him. But, it all depends on who the offender: a stranger or a loved one.

A stranger always want to answer. The only question is which side of the force. If the force on his side and you are powerless against him, the head still creeps you have a plan to do it as revenge or you just accept. If you equal, you he can just fight back or respond in kind and you, as the saying goes, will even.

It is quite another thing if it's someone close to you: your partner, or someone of your parents, and maybe friends. Relations between close people is very often based on the principle of balance "to give-take". In this case, in order for you to be in balance with the abuser, you too can make him something bad, but to a lesser degree than he did you.The imbalance gives rise to a sense of duty and ties to the karmic nodes.


2. To wear pain in meYou can continue to carry this pain in me, to keep all their grievances and claims. You can make him or in a quiet dialogue itself. This self-torture, natural living pain.

And often we do, we can't let go of this pain and this person, carry the pain in your soul, continue to be offended and make a claim. I can not forgive. Why? After all, he did not understand what he did to us and the pain caused. Yes, and sorry he is either not asked, or if asked, formally, without much awareness, the full force of his act. And as we want to hear his sincere repentance, to hear that he was wrong.But we will not hear anything and continue yourself eat.

We do not let go of him and tie him themselves. We are not free, in fact, and not seek freedom from it. We keep his and keep ourselves. We are important and we held ourselves held through grievances and complaints.

Pain often destroys the body, affects our kidneys and heart. The body is in a constant state of stress, loss of appetite, weight, take vital force. We slowly and gradually destroying your body and it can lead to serious diseases.

 3. To forgive and let go – to Forgive is perhaps the most difficult and most noble of our conduct, we can only afford. To forgive sincerely, not formally, not in words, and so that soul became free and easy.Release him and yourself to let go of their pain, their grievances and resentment.

To be free. So the forgiveness must first not your abuser and yourself. It takes courage. But the resource we have. It is important to use it in order to start a new life. Life without the old ties, life without the old pain. The life that can rebuild itself anew and this what I want, given the experience.

4. Thank -Gratitude is the highest degree of awareness. To thank the one who hurt us in life experience, which thanks to him we got. Let this tough experience, but it's ours. And we can safely go further for a new experience, not carrying the burden of the past. We're free and we appreciate life for what it is we have and for all the new opportunities that open up before us.

Which of the 4 options to choose – the choice is always yours.What you choose will depend on your future life. Those who hurt you, performed their allotted function and for some reason, they fulfilled it for you.

You can understand the reasons why it happened, to understand, to forgive, to let go and to pass this life lesson.

You can also continue to follow this vicious circle and to attract further people who will get hurt.

I understand that being in a state of living in pain, it is difficult to make positive choices and needs time to the pain subsided and the wound healed. However,remember that you can go either by destruction or through creation. The choice is yours!

All the best to you! Think! Do it! Achieve! published

© Ostapenko Oleg

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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