not washed for 60 years

This 80-year-old man is like a troll, or maybe for some dark creature from "The Lord of the Rings." His skin is covered with scales peeling mud, eyes barely visible, and the stench of him felt a mile away. The reason is simple, and it is not in skin diseases or some horrible ailment - the man simply did not wash the last 60 years!

1. Hard to believe that in the photo - human hands. More like an elephant's skin.

2. Meet, this 80-year-old Iranian tramp Amu Hadji, and he did not wash more than 60 years.

3. That old tramp living on the outskirts of a small Iranian village Dezhga in Fars province.

4. Amu is a very primitive way of life, and its main treasure - a metal water pipe, from which he smokes ... manure.

5. Curious photographer tramp treated cigarettes, which he immediately decided to smoke a beam.

6. This brick building on the outskirts of the Amu has lived for many years.

7. Most of the time he spends not budging - asleep or quietly basking in the sun.

8. In the cold nights can be difficult to keep warm.

9. Amu tries the old helmet.

10. No one knows why he lives such a life, and why did not wash for several decades.

11. Amu eats dead animals, which is baked in the fire.

12. Sometimes it is fed by the locals.


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